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Phone: (503) 312-5979
For grades: all grades
Requirements for live visit: Electricity access and flat stage space at least 6 feet X 6 feet
Fees for live visit: $300 - $500 for one show (depending on show choice) $100 for every additional performance.


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I'm 85 years old and that's the most fun I've had in 85 years!
--- Resident at a Beaverton care home

Each puppet show runs 30-45 minutes and is designed for all ages. Every story includes new vocabulary words, morals, history and other cultural themes. After each show the audience is invited to ask questions and learn how the show was performed.

We also offer puppet making classes as well as artist and residency programs.
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Founded in 1994 by Jason Ropp, Dragon Theater Puppets has had over 10 plus years in the making.Jason started professional puppetry at the young age of 16 when he became apprenticed by Hillary Cornwell a master puppeteer. She had seen Jason perform a puppet show he built for his local public library for a boy scout project. Thus Dragon Theater was born. Now with the help of his wife Shawnna Cady they tour all over the USA.

Since then Dragon Theater has worked with other great puppet companies like Tears of Joy Theatre, Olde World Puppet Theatre, Tendrak Theatre, Other Hand Productions and more.

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