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Phone: 212-568-6560
For grades: ALL, K-12, Teacher PD, College, Corporate
Requirements for live visit: Totally self contained for most venues. FOr larger theaters we will plug into house systems
Fees for live visit: Starting at $500/show


Theater Arts Education. Improv Shows and Workshops introduce students to a variety of performing arts and get students excited about creative thinking, literacy and communication skills. »

OMG it was awesome! Truly one of the best activities I've ever seen take place here at Summit! We gave them a very large group of kids to work with, and they handled them wonderfully. The way that they related to the kids was terrific, and the activities they led worked on so many pragmatic language skills in SUCH an effective way, including increasing the kids' awareness of their bodies in space, body proximity, eye contact, voice, and generally how others perceive them from their non-verbal cues. They also did word association and one-word stories that involved verbal expression and required kids to follow a story line. Almost all of the kids looked like they were having a fantastic time, and it was an activity where the shy kids could get to interact with others in a very structured (hence comfortable) way.
--- Speech Teacher, Summit School Queens NY

IMPROV SHOWS AND WORKSHOPS are the coolest way to get students excited about creative writing, creative thinking, communication (Public Speaking, eye contact, listening, focus), team and leadership skills. The team of talented professional NYC actor, singer, comics (many from Broadway, TV and/or Film) present original music and skits based on audience suggestions and participation. Shows runs 30-90 minutes as per your needs (Most school/camp shows 30-60; Evening and mainstage shows 75-90). Workshop (1-2 hours session) get the students playing warm-up, technique and performance games. Teams work together to create stories, and scenes. Strong emphasis is placed on story development (Character, relationship and setting) as well as the most improtant rule "YES, and...", always propping up, suporting and making your teammates look good. From this we tie in the themes of community and anti bully.

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IMPROV 4 KIDS is the outreach program of NYC Improv Company EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH with over 3000 shows & workshop presented since 2002. Host Walt frasier serves as the director of instruction for the Comedy Hall of Fame Foundation. Already working with NYC DOE, NY BOCES, MD MCPS Super List, VA FCPS CAPS and more. Bring student groups to our Off Broadway theater in Times Square or bring thsi show anywhere in the US. Check out PRESS from CBS, ABC, NY POST, Time Out NY etc....

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