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Phone: 619-316-9576
For grades: k-12
Requirements for live visit: 40' x 120' flat surface area (25' high), and access to electricity withing 100' for p.a. system
Fees for live visit: starting at $898.00 discounts, may be available


BMX Stunt Shows »

Messages for School Assemblies...
  • Drug/ Alcohol awareness
  • Tobacco free
  • Bicycle safety
  • Violence prevention
  • Red ribbon week
  • Healthy life choices
  • Motivational
  • Self-esteem
  • Life skills
  • Customized messages

Also available...

We can provide 30-40 min. adrenaline packed bicycle stunt thrill shows by top athletes for schools assemblies, business promotions, festivals, and corporate events. Amaze, captivate, and wow kids by 2-3 professional BMX riders while hip energetic music plays in the background on a loud pa system. Send a positive message to students by having us perform extreme bmx stunts on a competition style box jump!


  • Kids and staff will be super excited.
  • Attendance will be good that day.
  • Can be used as a reward.
  • Messages are clear and easily understood.
  • Kids will have boosted self esteem.

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