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Phone: 702 658-6052
For grades: 3-12
Requirements for live visit: Sound System, wireless handheld mic, blackboard/dry erase board, overhead projector/screen, table
Fees for live visit: Pricing Starts at $675.00. Co-op bookings start at $475.00.


Memory Specialist - Motivational Presenter »

I can not thank you enough. The appearance was amazing, the staff and students loved every minute of it. The students were just so excited about you coming and could not stop raving about your show. Everybody had a great time. The administration was so thrilled with your performance I may have to make a standing date for you to appear at our October academic rally. The kids really worked hard to put this show together and you just made it more memorable for them.
--- Steve Andrews ASB Advisor Lorbeer Middle School Diamond Bar, CA

Memory Is The Basis Of All Learning

Let Your Students Unleash Their True Memory Potential

As Seen On On OPRAH, Good Morning America, ABC, CBS & Fox T.V!

MINDPOWER Memory Allows Your Students To...
  • Improve Learning Abilities
  • Improve Study Habits
  • Retain More Of Their Studies
  • Retain More In Less Time
  • Enjoy Greater Comprehension
  • Experience Easier Recall
  • Improve Overall Grades
Robinn Lange is America's #1 Student Memory Expert and Student Success Coach specializing in teaching students how to discover and utilize their untapped Memory potential.

Robinn Lange's MINDPOWER Memory is an intriguing showcase of Memory techniques and abilities that will allow your students to memorize, remember, retain and recall information with great detail in just minutes with very minimal effort.

Robinn presents fantastic Memory demonstrations of the seemingly impossible. After witnessing these feats Robinn then shares his secrets with everyone in attendance with great insight and details. Your students will be amazed that they can apply Robinn's methods and witness results in just a matter of minutes from learning them.
Also available...

Memory Expert Student Motivational Speaker Teen Success Coach

Robinn Lange is a student of the mind. His knowledge and research of the human mind is the basis for his MINDPOWER series of performances. Robinn truly understands the natural power and abilities of the human mind. This, combined with sound psychological concepts and mental abilities, have allowed Robinn to become a master of memory, subconscious influence, intuition, body language, thought projection and hypnosis.

Robinn's unique blend of mental intelligence, educational principles, and live "edutaining" creates very unique and amazing events that offer laughter, amazement and great insight into the power of our minds and the world of self-ability.

Robinn offers several fantastic programs and performances specifically designed for schools and student audiences including The MINDPOWER Memory Program, The MINDPOWER Hypnosis Show and The MINDPOWER Mentalism Show. The Robinn Lange's series of MINDPOWER programs are among the most successful and memorable audience participation presentations available today.

Robinn Lange is a nationally recognized presenter, motivator, educator, author and world-class headlining entertainer who has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CBS News, CNN, MTV and ABC-TV's All My Children, and has been a fixture on radio for over twenty years. Throughout his career Robinn has worked with a virtual who's who in the world of entertainment including Tom Jones, Willie Nelson, Phyllis Diller, Don Rickles, Steve Allen, Michael Jordan, Tony Danza, John Stamos, Tony Danza, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers, The Monkees, and The Beach Boys.

Robinn Lange is the author of several books including "MINDPOWER Memory For Students", "All About Hypnosis" and "Hypnosis Exposed", and a complete series of self-empowerment CD programs based on MINDPOWER.

Robinn Lange is proud to be affiliated with many local, regional and national educational organizations and associations including NASC (National Association of Student Councils), NACA (National Association of Campus Activities), NAME (National Association of Mobile Entertainers), IASC (Illinois Association of Student Councils), WASC (Wisconsin Association of Student Councils), IASC (Indiana Association of Student Councils), IDSA (Illinois Directors of Student Activities), CADA (California Activity Directors Association), and many various local and regional PTA/PTO organizations.

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