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Phone: 312-505-9973
For grades: K-12
Fees for live visit: $500 for a 1/2 day
Fees for virtual visit: $250
Funding: We have grant funded scholarships for Chicago Public Schools.


Exploring the Amazon Rainforest »

The combination of school assemblies and the online activities was awesome! My students learned so much....We can't wait for you to come back next year!
--- C.R. Hanna Elementary School Teacher

After a school visit you will be able to:

  • Recognize the rainforest's allure and biodiversity.
  • Identify foods and materials you use that come from the rainforest.
  • Describe a rainforest, including its climate, plants, animals, and people.
  • Discuss the relationship between rainforests, global warming, and other world issues.
  • Help save the rainforests through personal action.
  • Engage in live online expedtions, including the Trans-Amazon Expedition.

Presentations include:

  • photos, videos, and other audio visual media
  • worksheets, and educational activities
  • hands on activities like comparing rain fall in your area to rain fall in the Amazon rainforest, using a traditional blow gun, trying to move as slow as a sloth, and estimating the size of the largest snake in the world will help student learn about and appreciate the worlds rainforest.
  • time for students and teachers to ask questions and get to know the Dave Freeman and other members of the expedition team
  • basic instruction on how to engage in our learning adventures

Students laugh during a chicago area amazon rainforest school assembly
Students often laugh, scream, and cover their eyes when Dave shows them photos and videos of him eating a Palm Weevil (a two inch long grub) that is considered a delicacy in many parts of the Amazon Basin.

Student presentations

Depending on your needs and interests our program can last from 30 minutes to a full day. Generally, 50 to 60 minutes with each group of students is ideal, and we can engage classes individually or give a presentation to your whole school.

Also available...







Why is the Amazon Rainforest so biodiverse? What do kids in the Amazon do for fun? Why are rainforests so important? What is it like to swim with Pink River Dolphins? Who lives in the Amazon, what do they eat, and how do they live? How do you shoot a poison blow-dart gun? How many students does it take to equal the length and weight of the largest snake in the Amazon? Why are rainforests around the world disappearing?

National Geographic Adventurers of the Year, Dave and Amy Freeman, bring the sights and sounds of the rainforest, and the thrill of exploration into your classroom.


The Freemans have canoed over 4,000 miles of through some of the most remote corners of Peru, Columbia and Brazil to study and document the plants, animals and people of the Amazon Rainforest. They can help students answer all of these questions and many more. Plus, they will use photos, videos, and stories from their expeditions to bring the rainforest to life in a whole new way.









Dave and Amy Freeman has spent the last 7 years exploring the world's rainforests. Numerous expeditions to the Amazon help him to bring the rainforest to life in a meaningful way that will leave your students anxious to learn more. They were named Adventurers of the Year by National Geographic in 2014 for their educational expeditions.  They have traveled over 30,000 miles by canoe, kayak, and dogsled  through some of the world's most remote place over the last 10 years from the Amazon to the Arctic.

Dave and Amy Freeman have given over 700 assemblies since 2001 and their photos and stories have been published in a variety of books, magazines, and newspapers. Plus, their educational assemblies and online expeditions have been featured in dozens of radio, television, and print media, including; National Geographic Adventure, Outside Magazine, Learning Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, and WGN.

Over the last 12 years the Freemans have organized and led over 15 expeditions through out North and South America. When the Freemans visits your school they will explain how you can join them in on future expeditions from the comforts of your classroom through the free educational resources at

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