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Phone: 281-890-5210
For grades: Pre-K through sixth grade
Requirements for live visit: Indoors only; elevated stage, darkened room
Fees for live visit: Fees vary due to: travel time, block booking, etc. Please call or e-mail for quotes.
Funding: Texas Commission on the Arts has mini-grants available (Texas only) of up to 35%. Application deadlines quarterly.


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Carranza Puppets presentations are pure gold! Every child should see their performances.
--- Brian Harper, Arts Council of Eagle Pass, TX

Carranza Puppets brings traditional children's literature to life through marionette presentations.

Beauty and the Beast

An acclaimed marionette play presented for the 2007-2008 school year. This presentation expounds on the virtues of appreciating others for their inner beauty and not simply for their outer physical appearance. This elaborate marionette play has original and fully orchestrated music, beautiful sets and costumes, and an array of lighting and special effects.

The TEKS Science Puppet Show

Designed for third through fifth graders. It covers and reinforces, in an entertaining and comprehensive manner, many of the essential elements that the fifth grade Texas public school child will encounter on the science portion of the state's TAKS test. Younger children will also enjoy it.

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The Carranza's delight in working with children in the schools. They enjoy bringing Children's Literature to life for them through their Puppetry Arts. They are honored to be selected as one of only 100 Texas Touring Artists by the Texas Commission on the Arts.

David Carranza received his Bachelor's Degree of Music/Music Education from the University of North Texas. As a Certified Teacher, he uses the Puppetry Arts as his medium for teaching. He co-wrote the original music score for this program.

Carol Carranza is an artist. Carol designs and paints the backgrounds and sets, and she also designs and sews all the beautiful costumes. Together they write the scripts for all their productions.

Mr. and Mrs. Carranza started out in puppetry as a hobby in 1977. They are founding members of the Greater Houston Puppetry Guild, and they are also members of The Puppeteers of America. They have performed at a National Puppetry Festival in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and at three Regional Puppetry Festivals in Austin, TX, New Orleans, LA, and Addison (Dallas), TX.

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