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Phone: 215-477-0997
For grades: k-college
Requirements for live visit: prefer area that is 15'x15' in order to dance and a small area in which to change costumes
Fees for live visit: $400-$500 plus travel costs if needed.


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Crazy Rhythm, Fancy Feet entertained as well as educated our students in the subject of partner dance. The students were enthralled with your program. We will definitely have you back!
--- Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia

Crazy Rhythm, Fancy Feet is an exciting partner dance and music show performed in the style of early 20th century entertainment in America…VAUDEVILLE. The styles of dance and music incorporated in the show either originated or have become an integral part of American music and dance culture such as swing, Charleston, disco, clogging, tap and salsa. It is performed by the dance duo of Bob Butryn and Eva Brothers. Since Bob is a professional musician as well as dancer, performances on clarinet, sax and flute are interspersed with the dance routines. This allows the audience to both see and hear live performances of these many styles of dance and music.

We have audience participation segments in which we invite student volunteers to come up to the stage to learn the basics of a few of the dance styles from the show.

Whether we perform at an art center, first night celebration, retirement community, assembly or library, audience members and presenters consistently tell us we are one of the best shows they have ever had. The popularity of "Dancing with the Stars" clearly has had an effect on the resurgence of partner dance.

In summary, our programs are an interactive teaching tool geared to instruct students about America's music and dance history through lively dance routines, exciting music demonstrations, colorful costumes and fun dance lessons. The students will learn how these dances reflected, and continue to reflect society.
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Crazy Rhythm, Fancy Feet is comprised of the multi-talented duo of Bob Butryn and Eva Brothers. They have been performing and teaching together for 10 years. Bob and Eva have performed and taught at many venues such as concert halls, retirement communities, schools, libraries, and festivals. The following is a list of selected performances:

  • Ocean City's First Night Celebration in 2007,
  • The 2007 Great Allentown Fair,
  • The 2006 Augusta Heritage Festival,
  • Republican National Convention on C-Span,
  • Bryn Mawr College Faculty Recital,
  • Disco Night at the Trump in Atlantic City,
  • Fort Mifflin Fund Raiser,
  • University of Pennsylvania Holiday Party,
  • Philadelphia Swing Dance Society,
  • Viennese Night with the Ocean City Pops,
  • Agnes Irwin School,
  • Germantown Friends School,
  • Buckingham Friends School,
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