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Phone: 858-213-5394
For grades: 4-8
Fees for live visit: Starting at $125.00.


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An awesome and exciting way to bring colonial history alive.
--- Terri McNaul, Rolling Hills ES, San Diego

This exciting educational program is designed to embellis 4th-8th grade curriculum and standards. A fun, exciting and memorable Visual Lecture/Demonstration covering family life in Colonial America.

Topics covered include: Home & Hearth, Farm life & Chores, Clothing, Schooling, Punishments, and Toys and Games. In addition to the Overview Program, we offer a couple of fun, hands-on Colonial Skills workshops. Your students will love experiencing Colonial Life:

Colonial Artifacts and Clothing Hands-On Session is a 35 minute workshop for classes to visit and inspect more thoroughly the various artifacts referred to in the Overview. Each student may try on clothing, write with a quill pen and play with the toys and games of Colonial times.

Toys & Games permits the students to partake in and enjoy activites enjoyed by their Colonial brothers and sisters. Students proceed through eight game stations sampling and playing the most popular toys and games of the era. Bilbo, hoop & stick, log cabin building, draughts are a few of the favorites. This workshop is particularly popular around the holidays.
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Greg Miller is a credentialed teacher and historian who has traveled and researched the 13 colonies extensively.

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