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Phone: 847-659-8252
For grades: K-8, but chiefly Junior Hi & Middle School
Requirements for live visit: One hour set-up prior to program; 45 minute set strike after program; chairs and table
Fees for live visit: $675 single program for maximum of 250 students/ $975 for double


Multi-disciplinary, interactive programs! »

....the students were transported to another time; we forget that we are in 2007!....fine acting and brilliant writing leave the audience hanging on every word
--- Carla Lussen, Social Studies Department Chair, SOUTH MIDDLE SCHOOL / Arlington Heights, IL


ARTHUR ALIVE: King Arthur and the English Middle AgesAudience limit: 150 Length: 1 hour Level: 4th & uP .

MEDIEVAL KNIGHTS: Knighthood, history, weaponry , castles and armour Audience limit:200 Length:1 hour Level: 4th & up.

THE MEDIEVAL FALCONER: Medieval Sport, environmental awareness and birds and endangered species Audience limit:150 Length:45 min. Level:4th & up.

THE JESTER & HIS CASTLE jester and juggler teaches elementary students about the people who live and work in the castle through student interaction song, and movement Audience limit: 150 Length: 45 min Age level: K-4.


ANNIE CHATFIELD'S RENAISSANCE A bookseller tells of the Renaissance, gossipyhistory of the Kings & Queens, and the life of Shakespeare. Audience limit: 150 Length: 45 min Age Level: 5th & up.

WILL'S WORLD: THE ENGLISH RENAISSANCE & SHAKESPEARE This beautiful stage show presents Annie Chatfield the bookseller and her history; a noblewoman who plays the Celtic Harp and discusses love, romance and music in the Elizabethan period; and, the Renaissance Falconer, Audience limit:250 Length: 1 hour Age Level: 5th & up.


HEROES Through realistic and humorous interplay, the two students upon finding costumes backstage, personify heroes and their qualities, such as : Jason and his journey with the Argonauts; the wisdom of the goddess, Athena; valor of the patriot, Joan of Arc; and the scientific discoveries of Galileo. the last half of the program is an interactive learning experience with the audience where the topic of hero vs. icon is discussed through visuals and student participation. Audience limit: 200 Length: 1 hour Age Level: 5th - 9th
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Medieval Programs by Caton Enterprises, Ltd. have brought the dashing world of the English Middle Ages to middle school student for the last eighteen years. These programs were brought to life by Joan M. Caton, gifted storyteller and educator who received an NEH Fellowship in Arthurian legend and brought her knowledge to life in the first show offered, King Arthur Alive!

Today Caton Enterprises, Ltd. offers five assembly programs: King Arthur Alive!; Medieval Knights; The Medieval Falconer; Jester and his Castle; and Heroes. Each of these programs has classroom materials to accompany the performance. Additionally, in the Chicagoland area,the company now offers Medieval Banquets for students, during the day, in a beautiful castle banquet hall.

Our program, Medieval Knights, with two performance teams, is able to travel out of Illinois and come to your school. Please email Caton Enterprises, Ltd. at or call: 847-659-8252.

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