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Phone: 978-456-6887
For grades: Early Childhood through Middle School
Fees for live visit: $250.+ for Small Group Classroom programs; $425. for Auditorium Programs


Stephen Lechner, M.Ed. »

This is the Best Time I've Ever Had!!
--- An experienced five year old.

Through The Science Works, Stephen Lechner presents Science Enrichment, Inservice, and Performances for early-childhood through middle-school aged children and their educators. Steve presents:• A monthly Science Enrichment Series for Early Childhood and Kindergarten aged children• Hands-on, inquiry-based science programs for elementary aged children• Interactive "Science-Magic" Performances for elementary through middle school aged children• Professional development, curriculum development and consulting on science-education at the Early-Childhood through Elementary levels• Scientist-in-Residency programs incorporating all of the above• Tree-House Creations...The development of unique and durable children's toys out of hollow logs and unusual wood pieces. These can be created for children's use, developed with children's assistance as part of a curriculum unit on trees and forests, or created by children themselves in an extended class, series, or residency.

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Stephen Lechner, M.Ed., has been educating children and teachersthroughout New England  for over twenty-five years through The SCIENCE WORKS. He has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College, a M.Ed. (specializing in Classroom/School Science Learning Centers) from Lesley University, and is a former Education Director of the Discovery Museums in Acton, MA. In addition, he has taught courses on Science/Math for Wheelock College in Boston, MA, and second and third grade science. He currently presents science enrichment to 21 preschools on a monthly and bi-monthly basis, provides inservice programs for teachers, and science "magic" shows and hands-on enrichment programs for elementary students.

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