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Phone: (415) 457-4FUN(4386)
For grades: K-12
Fees for live visit: $595 and $695, plus mileage.
Funding: Trickster program -elegible for Prop 99 funding


Award Winning K-12 Science & Multicultural Assemblies »

The students were eager watchers and learners! We loved the optical illusions!
--- Park Side Elementary and Sun Valley Elementary

MAGIC CIRCUS School Assembly Programs:

 In this dazzling, interactive program we explore the laws of physics, earth science, green environmental education and visual arts color perception - Amazing optcal illisons, light, multi-dimensional space, air preassure, balance, awsome forces, gravity, centrifcal force, friction.  Find out how our eyes see and our brains create pictures. as they behold large moving optical illusions with colorful art pattern. Learn about Archimedes, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, (K-6)

One Shape make many Hats from around the World!    Mulitcultural learning/Performing Arts

Historical and multi culutral characters, people with different professions and celebrities come to life.              Award Winning assembly program with quick-change and comedy magic, mime, chapeaugraphy, accompanied by famous musical scores and sound effects.  K-12 Students learn about performing arts, the use of body language, facial expressions, non-verbal communication, movement and the use of props. Visual jests and situations have audiences laughing out loud.


-TRICKSTERS, TRUTH & CONSEQUENCES                                                                                                                        multicultural plays, language arts, character education, good judgment and decision- making - Anasi And Warthogs Amazing Adventrue (Africa) Burreguito :A sheep outsmarts Senor Coyote (Mexico) Tyl Eulenspiegles Just Judgement (Germany), (K-6).

multicultural anti tobacco plays - great for RED RIBBON WEEk Monkey without a Tale (Ethiopia) Stop that Dumpling (Japan) Coyote an the Smoking Monster (Native America),(K-6).


  utilizing magic to bring the positive message of the three Rs, (PK -3)

Also available...

Magic Circus has been enchanting U.S. and European audiences for more than 20 years. The founding members Benny Buettner and Bebe Conrad work as professional actor/actress, magicians, clowns, puppeteers and mimes. Randal Wung is a professional actor and leading performer at the Lawrence Hall of Science.Credits include appearances in film, television such as Dr. Dolittle, The Princess Diaries and Nash Bridges.Voted "Bay City Best" by the S.F. Chronicle, winner of the European TV contest"Fairytales of our Times", winners of the Pacific Coast and Northern California Stage Magic Contest, winner of the Marin Arts Council grant for three consecutive years.Magic Circus has stimulated the minds and touchted the hearts of thousands of children.

For school audiences we have been involved in many projects:


  • Recycling in a 2 year program for the City of Fremont
  • Equal housing rights for the Fair Housing Agency in Marin
  • Drugfree activities and Video Now, projects by the Swedish Government
  • A Live Act Northern Californa school show performances
  • Represented by Young Audiences, Northern California
  • Hundreds of our current school assembly programs every year

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