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Phone: 814-590-4379
For grades: Primary, Middle and Secondary
Requirements for live visit: We supply everything we need except an electrical outlet;.
Fees for live visit: $299 but tell us what you can afford and we will do what we can to bring you an exciting assembly!
Funding: Many times grants are available for substance abuse assemblies. Ask your local Drug Prevention Office.


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Wow! Three weeks later my students still knew the points of your message!
--- Teacher, Purchase Line School, PA

Harry Houdini was born into an Jewish immigrant family. His life in America confronted him with discrimination, poverty and a struggle to find out who and what he was about as a man. He overcame these challenges by finding a unique talent- escaping. In doing so, he encouraged all Americans to escape whatever hardships or limitations they were facing. Young and old alike related to his message of liberation and they still do today!

This high powered show includes the use of riveting multi-media effects as well as the performance of authentic escapes as performed by Harry Houdini himself. A display of modern restraints is also included in the show.

Escapes may include: Siberian Chain Escape, Strait Jacket, 1907 Government Mailbag Challenge, 100' Rope Escape, Handcuffs and chains escapes.

Motivational messages are based on Houdini's life as an immigrant, the struggles he faced and the message of hope he brought through his escapes.

Topics include: Escaping Drugs (Substance Abuse), Getting Along (Anti-Bullying), Make It Count (Career Building), and Set Yourself Free (Self-Esteem and Anti-Crime/Gang). Other themes can be developed according to the school's needs with adequate notice.

This exciting show sticks to the topic and leaves the audience with a message that lingers long after the show is over. Give your students, "Harry Houdini, Himself!" Summer and Library shows are also available.

Also available...

Please note- to help during this time of financial crises, tell us what you can afford and we will do what we can to bring you a phenomenal assembly!

NEW SHOW FOR 2009-2010!

Our present tour is entitled, Bust Loose!. The show is performed by a team of accomplished escape artists known as RoseOnyx. Together they perform riveting escapes which command the attention of their audience. Throughout their show, one of four themes is communicated in an effective and interesting manner.

The RoseOnyx team consists of Clyde and Sharon Mighells. Clyde is a Master Escape Artist and Motivational Speaker with a Ph.D. in Psychology, 20 years performance experience and Addictions Counseling experience. He is also the founder of the World Wide Escape Artist Relay. Sharon is the only fulltime professional female escape artist in the world! Before joining the RoseOnyx team, Sharon served as a treatment supervisor at a drug treatment facility.

Together Sharon and Clyde form a high energy team that moves with excitement while entrancing their audience. This show is highly professional with choreographed music, big sounds and brief videos. The RoseOnyx performance holds the attention of young audiences while driving home a message of hope and encouragement.

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