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Phone: 519-631-0536
For grades: Kindergarden through grade 8
Requirements for live visit: will provide sound equpitment if traveling short distance...will need sound if traveling by air
Fees for live visit: $800.00 for full day ( 2 assemblies, 3 hip-hop dance workshops)


Music, Dance and Drama »

Saidat's high energy performance is both entertaining and engaging for students.
--- Ray Hughes (University of Western Ontario) Prevention Science

Music, Movement and Motivation is a high energy presentation using rap, hip-hop dance and drama to bring a message of hope to students everywhere. After having been to over 100 schools and community events across south-western Ontario this program is a "must experience" for every school.

"Saidat's high energy presentation is both entertaining and engaging for students.Her messages are truly meaningful and inspirational." Ray Hughes (National Education Coordinator) Fourth R Project
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Saidat(sigh-det) is a hip-hop performer who utilizes her skills toward the greater good of the community. Through the incorporation of music, dance and drama, she invokes a positive outlook and an optimistic attitude in her audiences. After successfully graduating from the Rhema Training Centre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Saidat toured the United States as well as Canada, performing for community projects and youth events.Her program Music. Movement and Motivation has been supported by school board throughout Ontario and has received very positive feedback from teachers, students and parents.She has also worked with the TV stations, even a fitness club creating interstitial videos that helps to motivates students to exercise and a commercial encouraging adults not to supply cigarettes to minors. Her strong belief in creativity and maintaining a positive lifestyle in a pessimistic world are conveyed in her performances. Her shows are clear representations of her belief that through creativity, a person can find their own talent and expand their horizons.

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