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Phone: (218)744 1423
For grades: Pre K - University
Requirements for live visit: Some tech needs as per rider
Fees for live visit: Fees vary due to: travel time, block booking, on-route booking, if performances are combined with residencies or workshops. Please call or e-mail for a quote.
Funding: Because we are a unique Multicultural show there are many sources of fundings availalbe for our show through arts councils and grants.


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The Fast Horses were absolutely amazing! Everyone loved the show, they were so personable and wonderful to work with. They stayed after the show to answer questions and speak with our guests, who just applauded the show to no end. A standing ovation, no less! Thanks so much for everything--it truly was a wonderful experience, and we will definitely have them back!
--- Kelly Lewis, Coordinator of Student Activities, Kankakee Community College - Kankakee, IL


Skillfully interweaving story, music and dance with history and present perspectives, the Fast Horses exhibit a variety of traditional dances performed in a contemporary light.

Such as:


  • The soaring and uplifting Eagle dance


  • The intimidating and powerful Buffalo dance


  • The elegant and magical Butterfly dance


  • The mysterious and vibrant Vision dance


  • The sensual and dangerous Fire dance

    Not all the dances are expressed in every show so one may request a variety of performances to suite your venue.

    During indoor performances, UV equipment and glow tools can be used to produce mesmerizing light patterns.

    Outdoors to focus can shift to fire, the most destructive yet enchanting element.

    Utilizing an array of tools and art forms such as:



  • Music: Voice, drums, flutes


  • Illusion: Magic, Mentalism


  • Humor: Audience participation


  • Dance: Wings, swords, poi, rings, staff, fire, flags, comets, fire fingers


  • Juggling: Contact balls, clubs, balls, knives

    With many other rare and unusual instruments combined with circus and acrobatic skills. The Fast Horses are always evolving and refining their skills and style.

    In addition to the dances be prepared to witness a romantic glimpse of a flute serenade or a loving lullaby. This family does it all: Being able to set the stage, draw the crowd, keep the crowd and deliver comedy, culture and cuteness all with 2 kids!

    So check out this show and find out what prompted the Discovery theater in the Smithsonian Institute to say, We are lucky when we can find performers of such high quality that convey the cultural message in such a penetrating and yet deeply entertaining way.


    Some of the areas and topics that can be covered in a Residency:



  • Native American Names - the understanding of Native American names, origins and translations.


  • Native American linguistics - teaching of the Lakota language, Native American words in the American language, place names, origins of words and how they�ve changed over the years, idioms and phrases, the naming of America and place names, alga-native languages.


  • Songs - structure and meanings, ceremonial and social songs, different instruments used, teaching of songs.


  • Native American mythology - creation stories from different tribes, animal powers, totems, lessons through stories.


  • Native American pictographs - examples, materials used, similarities around the world, buffalo robe winter counts.


  • Dances - learning to dance different dances, dance styles of different tribes and the meanings behind the dances, costumes.


  • Traditional tools (household and/warfare) - what they were made from, how they were used, examples of authentic tools (eg: hairbrushes, awls, flint, shields, knives, spears, face paint, feathers).


  • Homes - different types of homes used by different tribes (eg: plains, woodlands, southwest, northwest) and furnishings.


  • Native American Sign Language - learn to speak in sign, origins, video of B&W silent film depicting several different chiefs of different tribes speaking in sign to each other.


  • Native American contributions to the world - foods, medicines, words, fighting styles.


  • Spirituality - monotheistic vs. polytheistic, ceremonies, sweat lodges, pipes, peyote.


  • Native American math - Geometry, Mayan numbers, nature mathematics.


  • Native American government - blending of structure and ideas to the American democracy.


  • Native American crafts - make a variety of different crafts (eg: dream catchers, rain-sticks, cornhusk doll), bead work, quill work, materials used, traditional and modern.


  • Native American games - guessing games (hand game, ata-a-kut, l-ou-tin, pu-in, hiding the disks), ball games (lacrosse, hoop and javelin, double ball), hazard games (plum stone, pa-tol-stick)


  • Modern Native Americans

    Residencies consist from one day to several weeks depending on the schools interest and requirements.

    All subjects can be made age appropriate.

    We also custom make each residency to the individual schools/classroom/teachers needs.

    Please contact us for prices and availability.


  • Also available...

    The Fast Horses are a Minnesota based Lakota (Native American) performing family who have been delighting audiences worldwide since 1998. Their career has spanned 3 continents, 6 countries, 45 states, and 3 provinces with over 3,000 shows from street to stage. They credit their success to the fact that they love what they do; entertaining and educating.

    Transcending age, language and culture, the performance focuses on the evolution of Native music and dance; it's similarities with, and influences on other cultures, thus surpassing your common ethnic show.

    This intimate relationship with performing is expressed through poetry, humor, magic, audience participation, juggling, storytelling, costumes, fire, song and dance. However, the most important ability that they possess is the ability to improvise and respond to the audiences needs as the situation arises. This unique talent ensures that each show is a custom tailored experience.

    Whether you require short interludes of entertainment, a nonverbal show, or a full length production, the Fast Horses have a versatility to perform in just about any venue or environment. From schools (pre K � 12), colleges, festivals (such as busking, children's, multicultural) or corporate events � just to name a few!

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