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Phone: 907 399-0716
For grades: K-6
Requirements for live visit: piano, piano bench and use of school's PA system.
Fees for live visit: The reasonable fee of $350 includes the 55 min. program, lesson plans, activities, two complimentary books and the following-day book signing.
Funding: special considerations can be discussed


Author with Piano Man »

We had this author assembly a few months ago and loved it!  I had teachers telling me after school that it was the best assembly we've ever had.  Our students echoed that response.  Hope you can enjoy it, too!
--- Art Peterson, Principal

Johnny B. begins The Bernie Jones Assembly with a rousing boogie-woogie. This segues into an original "softer" composition which demonstrates the writing of a story without words. Johnny B.'s ability to control audiences of 600 plus students is legendary. It is immediately obvious to teachers that he has spent many years in classrooms. Sharon then takes the stage with a dramatic reading from one of her 1950s-era books; The Trouble With Bernie or Bernie Jones and the Blazing Bandits. Johnny B. compliments the reading with special piano effects and music. With the school's permission, parents and grandparents are encouraged to attend.

After the reading, questions are solicited from the audience. Answers always support the ever-increasing excitement of reading and the many rewards of writing. Throughout the show, emphasis is placed on editing, refining and rewriting.

After questions and answers, Johnny B. performs a well-known hit from the 1950s, then directs the students back to the classroom, snapping their fingers to the Pink Panther theme.

This fifty-five minute program is guaranteed to hold the attention of K-6 students.

"Whatever you dream of, do it a little bit each day and your dream will become a reality."

The Bernie Jones books' thirteen-year-old illustrator, Katie Miller, is a splendid example of this.

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Johnny B. is a showcase piano performer that offers the Bernie Jones Assembly as his premiere outreach program for communities. < >

Sharon Bushell and piano-man Johnny B. are definitely a dynamic duo. Their author-in-the-school/music assembly opens doors to reading and writing in innovative and exciting ways. Students are left with a "can do" attitude regarding the pleasures of reading and writing as well as their own unique areas of creativity.

Sharon Bushell and Johnny B. have over forty years experience performing and working with school audiences. Sharon's books are listed with Accelerated Reader and Scholastic's Reading Counts! programs. She also received the 2003 Alaska Governor's Award for the Arts and Humanities. Johnny B. is a retired teacher with a masters degree in education and over forty-five years of piano performances.

In 2004, after sending their two children off to college, Sharon and Johnny B. took to the road from their home in Homer, Alaska. To date over 25,000 students have experienced The Bernie Jones Assembly. Listed on their website is the phone number of every school they have visited. Call them. Each staff member will tell you the same ... The Bernie Jones Assembly was loved by students and staff. From start to finish, every word, every gesture, every song had educational value. Plus it was fun!


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