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Phone: 215-493-6669
Fees for live visit: Rates are based on Programs Selected, Number of Students and Location. Discounts apply for multiple bookings. National locations are not excluded.


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I highly recommend The Children's Musical Enrichment Program to all early childhood schools and centers. It promises to be an enjoyable and educational experience for all. Sue Collins is a joy to work with. She is thoroughly organized and prepared for her presentations. Her enthusiasm and commitment to sharing music with our little ones shines through the music-making experience.
--- Educational Director, Roseann Fry



Our HARMONICA WORKSHOPS are very entertaining, fun and educational. Each student leaves with their own instrument and knowing how to play it! Every student is provided with a Hohner Harmonica, Booklet, our Intro Book (which includes color coded numerical songs) and a Hohner Award Certificate.


Our HARMONICA PRESENTATIONS are also very entertaining, fun and educational. Our Presentations include some audience participation, which is always a great crowd pleaser, then those with interest can purchase harmonicas and instructional books after the show.


Our HANDS-ON PROGRAMS are a lot of fun for the youngsters, very entertaining and educational! After our demonstrations of several non-mouth instruments, each participant can experiment with each instrument. Most popular instruments used are the electric guitar, keyboards, xylophone, acoustic and electronic drums.

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Program Sponsored by Hohner, Inc. USA


Hohner is the world's largest manufacturer of harmonicas. To learn more about Hohner


Since 2002 The Children's Musical Enrichment Program  has been delivering the gift of music to all ages, all over the Tri-State area and beyond. Although based outside of the Philadelphia area, they have traveled great lengths to provide this unique experience. Coast to coast children as young as four years of age have easily learned to play the harmonica during these Harmonica Workshops with the simplicity of the Color Coded Numerical Note System (tablature) created by Sue Collins, the founder of this Enrichment Program.


Sue is a long time professional multi-instrumentalist and exclusive Hohner Marine Band harmonica player for over 20 years now. She has shared the stage with some of the best harmonica and guitar players on the East Coast, including the Blues Foundation 2009 Handy Awards Nominee, Steve Guyger from Philadelphia. Sue has also written five music instructional books, as an introductory to music with amazingly fast results! These books are available at shows or by mail order.


In 2002 when her son was a very active youngster with lots of active little friends, her house became a hang out for these inquisitive little sponges, eager to experiment with the many instruments! Some of the most timed, shy ones just blossomed with confidence as they made music using real, professional instruments for the very first time!


As a parent, Ms. Collins couldn't help but notice the interest and excitement these children displayed. After all, the opportunity to experiment with real instruments doesn't happen everyday. How many folks do you know have a drum set in their living room?


And thus, The Children's Musical Enrichment Program was born! Knowing the public schools offer band/instruments only to the 4th grade levels and above, Ms. Collins created a way to fulfill the void and capture the attention of these young children. Sue is committed to providing a truly unique opportunity for many children to experience and experiment with the gift of music!

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