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Phone: 1-888-426-9200
For grades: All Grades
Fees for live visit: 479.00 or 879.00 for 2 Shows.



The 40 minute, high energy show includes comedy and magic to dazzle audiences. Reserve today for a magical show that you will never forget.

Topics covered - You can have fun and think of safety.

  • School Bus Safety - Make eye contact with the bus driver.
  • Traffic Safety - Look both ways.
  • Fire - Never use fire for fun.
  • The Buddy System - Always have a buddy, the benefits.
This theme show will touch on the following topics. We do not discuss details in the show. It is up to the educators to pick up on the mentioned topics and discuss them further with students. Using magic the magician motivates the students to learn more and stay away from drugs.

Topics covered - Discover you need courage and say "NO"!

  • Anti-smoking - medical and social problems related to smoking.
  • Say No to Drugs!
  • Health/Drugs - Stay healthy and away from drugs.
  • Motivation/Drugs - Feeling lousy.
  • Peer Pressure - Do not give in!
  • Pills - The dangers, stay away.

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What others have said…

Rose Hill Elementary, Rose Hill, VA

"There were roars of laughter coming from the crowd of 3-12 year old children. Their eyes were filled with anticipation waiting to see what would occur next. I would recommend Philip & Henry USA Inc. to any childcare or youth facility."
Emmanuel Lutheran Childcare, Hampton, VA

"The show was age appropriate all ages, very timely and very professional. You did a wonderful job and it was a pleasure working with you."
123 Grow With Me, Madison, CT

"For the rest of the day the children pretended to be magicians."
YMCA Cedar Lake Child Care, West Bend, WI

"Very entertaining, low-keyed, humorous & appropriate."
Index School, Index, WA

"Children enjoyed the show a great deal! Thanks so much!"
House of Little People, Barrington, RI

"The children (even the 1 year olds) were amazed!…I am recommending the show to the pastor for future events here at Harrodsburg Baptist Church."
His Kids Christian Learning Center, Harrodsburg, KY

"The children really enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to the program next term."
Bishop Stachan School, Toronto, Ontario

"My son, who is only 5, has just completed this kiddy program. He loved it!"
Town of Ajax Parks & Recreation, Ajax, Ontario

In the hallways at Alderwood each night I could see the children trying their tricks on their parents and then adding the wonderful line…"I can't tell you how I did it…cause it is magic."
Alderwood Action After School Inc., Toronto, Ontario

"We have invited magicians from Philip & Henry Productions to our child care program on several occasions. We serve approximately 500 school-aged children in 5 sites and the magicians have always been able to accommodate any number of children in our program. The child participation is always fun and exciting…The magicians are always professional and successful in entertaining the children."
West Portal C.A.R.E., San Francisco, CA

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