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Phone: 800-392-8061
For grades: K-6
Requirements for live visit: at least 10' ceilings and a power source
Fees for live visit: $695/one show $895/two shows $200 for up to 6 workshops with performance.


Shows on science: Dinosaurs, Space or Biology with workshops that can follow. A day long event! »

I have been teaching for 32 years and this is the BEST school performance I have ever seen!
--- teacher

Icefire has now brought its Science Series to over one million audience members' from Caribou, Maine to Los Angeles, California. Two intimate sized shows, and one really large workshop, now touring to schools, theatres libraries, and museums are Dinoman-dinosaurs!, Dinoman-space! and Dinoman-biology! These performances bring science to life and the audience on an unforgettable ride on topics covered.

DINOSAURSTrack dinosaurs to your location and through scientific reasoning, magic and with the help of his raccoon 'Reflex,' Dinoman finds not one, but three life-sized dinosaurs! At the workshops are a more hands-on museum feeling. We have 10-15 artifacts, amber pieces, fossils, gastroliths, petrified wood and such, which are passed around to a classroom sized audience and questions are asked and answered. These last between 15-25 minutes.

SPACEDinoman explains the heavens in a very unique way. Once again assisted by his pet raccoon 'Reflex,' Dinoman takes us on a voyage through the solar system. Taking time to discuss the planets as well as meteors, comets, legends and myths about space throughout the ages. Songs, magic, and some very special props make this a truly unique presentation. After the performance the liquid nitrogen workshops can begin which discusses states of matter.

BIOLOGYOnce again Dinoman takes us on an unforgettable ride, this time through biology. Starting with cells and the things that are in them, the workshops explore the basis of life as we know it. What is the difference between a plant and an animal? What do all living things have in common? What makes these workshops so amazing is that they take place inside a dinosaur!

Dinosaur Exploratorium!After seeing Dinoman! or before Dinoman! or skip Dinoman! and go to the Dinosaur Exploratorium! Here we have the large dinosaurs on display in a more relaxed setting. Dinoman will discuss and display the family's recent Wyoming discoveries. Hadrosaur and Triceratop bones will be available to see and touch. Great for the little ones and those with a keen hunger about these beasts from the past. Workshops can happen every 30 minutes or set-up for your schedule.
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