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Phone: 870-265-3779
For grades: K-12 and up
Requirements for live visit: Some programs require electricity
Fees for live visit: $500-$1500
Funding: Mid-America Arts Alliance, Arkansas Arts Council


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One of the most powerful, educational and fun experience in learning I have ever witnessed. [she delivers] Women's History in a forum that is non traditional yet mesmerizing. I recommend her for all ages, races and nationalities.
--- Sgt. 1st Class Arlissa Rivers, Diversity Manager and Equal Opportunity Advisor, Ft. Hood, TX

Speaking of Ladies is a collection of several different shows that bring Women's History to life for grades K-12 and community organizations. With story telling, music, Power Point visuals and a traveling museum of artifacts, the women's side of the late 19th century America is presented for hands-on learning. Students and adults have laughed, cried and had fun learning about the invisible side of history, our great-grandmother's. 30 –60 minute programs include unconventional roles during the Civil War, Women's Reform, 19th Century Wardrobe, Victorian Trade Cards-Advertisements of the Past, Civilian Hardships During the Civil War in Arkansas, plus a few other surprises. All shows are historically accurate, balanced and unbiased. Every show is age appropriate and includes a valuable question and answer session. Many opportunities for interaction with the audience adds excitement and understanding. Also available are student workshops, teacher in-service, supplemental materials, and bibliographies.

Totally mesmerizing. This was honestly the best program I have seen in a long time. -Susan Williams, Grenada, MS

Miss Ellie presents an outstanding living history program. Would recommend her performance to any group. -Steve Edwards, National Park Interpreter.
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Ellen DiMaggio has been studying 19th century women in America since 1996 and has been researching ever since and has over 950 ladies stories to tell. She has developed the persona of Miss Ellie who will bring these stories to life. Miss Ellie has performed all over Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, California, Arizona, Chicago, and Oklahoma, having traveled over 11,000 miles and performed for audiences numbering 2300 in 2005.

Member of the National Women's History Project, National Registry of Living Historians, Arkansas Arts Council's Artists on Tour, Mid-America Arts Alliance, and the Society for Women in the Civil War.

Former teacher and public library manager, she knows how to get through to today's young people.

One of the most powerful, educational and fun experiences in learning I have ever witnessed. Miss Ellie has mastered the art of delivering Women's History in a forum that is non traditional yet mesmerizing. I recommend her for all ages, races and nationalities.-Sgt. 1st Class A.E. Rivers, Diversity Manager & Equal Opportunity Advisor, Ft. Hood, TX

The characters she brings to life flesh out the amazing accomplishments of women in the 19th Century and fill in the many gaps missing in our school history books…It made me excited to run home and do my own research... This program is appropriate for males and females of all ages 7 to 97!-Connie Campbell Henry, History buff, Anthem, Arizona

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