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Phone: 508-380-4722
For grades: K-6
Requirements for live visit: show needs to be performed in a closed room
Fees for live visit: $395 and an additional traveling fee of $20-$45 may apply.
Fees for virtual visit: $250


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Unique, fun, memorable learning experience.
--- Patricia Sweeney

Jungle Encounters provides wild animal shows for people of all ages! Invite Jungle Encounters to your school and we will introduce the students to animals from all over the world! Our topics of discussion can be tailored around your needs, but they also include adaptation, rainforest ecosystem, evolution and general wildlife. Jungle Encounters is professional, fully licensed and insured. We provide a fun learning atmosphere that the kids will remember forever! Call us to book your wild day today!

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Jungle Encounters has performed thousands of shows in person since 2001. In 2013 we started doing virtual shows via the internet. By using this method we are able to reach so many people that we weren't able to reach before. This show is fun, educational and sends a powerful message about wildlife and conservation. We can perform this show either in a controled environment where we present each animal ambassador directly in front of the computer as we talk about it or we can set up in the animal facility where the animal is free to roam around as we talk. This virtual show is a better fit for cost-conscience schools who can't always afford to bring a live act into their classroom.

Debi Willoughby has worked with animals her entire life. She volunteered at zoos for 7 yrs caring for exotic animals and doing wild animal shows for the zoos. She then started her own business in 2001 doing wild animal shows. She has performed thousands of shows for all ages and delivers a powerful message about wildlife and conservation using her animal ambassadors.

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