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Phone: 800-763-4800
For grades: K-6
Fees for live visit: $950. No travel charges. 2006-07 School Year $100 off for new customers.


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We get parents at Family Unity Night who we don't see at other events. It's an annual tradition at our school. We have Benny and Spyke back every year!
--- Beth Johnson, Principal, Eastport Ave. Elementary School, Uhrichsville, Ohio

Family Unity Night reminds Mom, Dad and the kids that it is fun to play and work together as a family, uniting them with a genuine team spirit, establishing the parents as the leaders. No one is more surprised than Mom and Dad that they can come to the school and, as adults, have a great time. Many of the activities include elements of learning. The entire program sharpens listening skills and attentiveness. Proper behavior, courtesy, good sportsmanship and ethics are acknowledged and encouraged.

Family Unity Night is a professionally produced 2-hour evening program for elementary school children and their parents. The format of the show is easy to follow: an activity followed by a song, another activity, etc. All activities are designed for parents to participate with their children.

The entire show has a rhythm. In the beginning the contests are simple, with an easy pace. As the show develops and the audience becomes more accustomed to taking directions, the contests become a little more complex and faster paced. The activities are varied, some goal oriented and others based on creativity. In between each activity, up-tempo music is featured, showcasing incredible concert style lights and effects. The centerpiece for the show is a dramatic 30-foot stage setup with Vegas-style glitter and sequins.

On the day of the show, Benny and Spyke come in early, set up the entire stage presentation and perform two age-appropriate Prevew Assemblies during the school day. Each lasts about 20 minutes and includes a sample of the light show and a contest. Once the kids take a look at the dramatic stage setup and experience how much fun the contests can be, they are sold on Family Unity Night and drag Mom and Dad in for the show that night! The Preview Assemblies are included in the price of the show.
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Each with a small town background and a strong family upbringing, Benny and Spyke have been married for over 25 years. As business partners for the past 15 years, Benny and Spyke realized they could make a powerful impact by offering an entertaining program designed with interesting activities in which Mom and Dad interact with their children. How can they perform this program in a gym with a large audience? They provide as part of the show, a high quality sound system and effective lighting. Also, they have cultivated critical elements such as key instructional phrases, proper directions and use of humor. They are experts at leading an audience!

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