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Phone: 781-784-5197
For grades: K-6
Requirements for live visit: Several programs need a large area; i.e. a gym.
Fees for live visit: Vary from $150.00 for a single workshop to $500 for a single performance of a play


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A brief description of some of our most popular programs:

Ancient China: Living history program that transports students to Ancient China during the Bronze age. Hands on workshop in a recreated Chinese home. Activities include a visit to the kitchen for food tasting, the shop for weighing items and shopping, the music room to participate in an ancient Chinese folk take and the school room for writing Chinese Calligraphy. ( Individual classes – 1 hour )

Oregon Trail - Our program about the movement west begins with a play called Journey to Oregon. ( one hour - up to 100 students ) The play is followed by Ft. Laramie, a hands on pioneer workshop complete with general store. ( Individual classes –one hour )

Hands on Geography, Welcome to the World - Interactive geography presentation using a oversized world map. Hands on activities and storytelling. Individual classes attend. i.e lower grades ( k-3 ) learn about reading maps and watch a habitat puppet show, grades 4-6 focus on the world's physical features and the geography of North America.

Digging up Ancient Civilizations – . Two-part workshop introducing the science of archeology and six ancient civilizations. Combination of storytelling, hands on archeology and an oversized board game activity. ( Part one up to 50 students attend for one hour. Part two individual classes attend for one hour )

Ancient Greece – Living history program which is designed to introduce students to daily life in Athens during it's Golden Age 442 B.C. through a hands on approach to history. We will transform your school gym into Ancient Athens for the day complete with a marketplace, school, home, theatre and pottery shop. ( Individual classes- 1 hour )

Voyage of Columbus - Living History Join Columbus and his first mate in this interactive living history program. Each student will join the crew of the Santa Maria and help Columbus outfit his ship for his second voyage. Geared for grades K-2. ( Individual classes 1 hour )

Colonial School Days : Living History Program - Prudence Gray – owner of a dame school in Colonial America invites students in for lessons and recess. ( Individual classes – 1 hour ).
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Carol Cohen, the company's creator, has many years experience working in the field of education. She is on the faculty of Lesley University Graduate School of Education where she teaches Social Studies Methods. She holds three Massachusetts teaching certifications and is an approved Massachusetts Professional Development Provider. In addition, Carol is a published historian and playwright having authored the Oregon Trail Jackdaw for Golden Owl Publishing in New York and Dare to Dream, a play about Immigration for History Makers in Massachusetts.

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