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Phone: 978-352-2235
For grades: Pre-K through 12, college students, adults and seniors
Fees for live visit: K and under: $395 for one program / $750 for two programs. 1st grade through adult: $495 for one program / $940 for two programs. Skype visits: $175
Fees for virtual visit: $175


Dyan deNapoli - Penguin Expert, TED Speaker, and Award-Winning Author »

"You do a fantastic program Dyan! My granddaughter really enjoyed it and has told numerous people about the whole thing. She has retained a remarkable amount of information. I assume it is formatted to do exactly works!"
--- JP Goodwin

A wide variety of educational programs are available, each of which can be adapted for audiences of any age. Custom designed programs can also be created to meet your specific curriculum needs or areas of interest. Whether you are 3 years old or 103, Dyan has a penguin program that will captivate and inspire you!



  • PENGUIN RESCUE!: This inspiring presentation for adults and older students tells the story of the massive rescue and rehabilitation of 40,000 African penguins that were caught in an oil spill when a ship sank near their breeding grounds in the summer of 2000. Dyan was a key member of an international team of penguin experts who flew to South Africa to help manage the care of the oiled penguins, which are currently listed as an Endangered species. Due to the incredible international response to the crisis, more than 91% of the penguins were successfully rehabilitated and returned to the wild. Dyan's award-winning book about this remarkable event, The Great Penguin Rescue, was published by Simon & Schuster in October of 2010. Dyan's 12-minute talk about this historic rescue was featured on in the summer of 2011 (see video above).


  • GLOBAL WARMING - A PROBLEM FOR PENGUINS: Penguins are an indicator species, alerting us to the health of the environment they live in. They are the proverbial 'canary in the coal mine'. It is now clear to scientists that penguins are being negatively impacted by global warming. In this eye-opening presentation, created for older students and adults, the various ways in which global warming is affecting all eighteen penguin species will be discussed. Dyan will also provide a list of steps everyone can take to help protect penguins and their habitats.


  • PENGUINS! FASCINATING FACTS AND TANTALIZING TRIVIA: Do penguins have knees? How deep can they dive? How far can they shoot their guano (penguin poo)? In this exciting and interactive presentation, the unique biology and behavior of penguins is examined in a fun game-show format. This entertaining program is enjoyed by all ages, but is most appropriate for children ages 7-12.



  • PENGUINS: JUST THE FACTS MA'AM: This program for adults and older students provides an in-depth look at the unique biology and behavior of penguins. Audience members will learn detailed information about anatomy, courtship, reproduction, molting, fasting and the penguins' various predators. Also covered in this presentation are the current conservation challenges for these hardy, yet vulnerable, seabirds.



  • PENGUIN FOR A DAY: This program highlighting penguin behavior is tailored for children ages 6 and under. Using photographic examples, The Penguin Lady has the children mimic her as she demonstrates various penguin calls and behaviors. A fun and engaging way for young children to learn about animal behavior while developing observation skills.


  • PENGUIN PARADE: It's the 'March of the Penguins' for kids! This presentation chronicles the Emperor penguin's unique breeding habits, including their incredible 70-mile march to and from the sea. Even the youngest audiences are engaged by this remarkable story and by the beautiful photographs that accompany it.


  • ANTARCTIC ADAPTATIONS: This program features the four penguin species that live and breed in Antarctica and describes how these amazingly rugged birds have adapted to life in the harshest environment on the planet.




    Also available...

    Dyan deNapoli (AKA The Penguin Lady) would love to visit your classroom via Skype! Have your students' questions answered live by a recognized penguin expert with 19 years of experience working with, writing about, and teaching about penguins. Dyan is also a TED speaker and award winning author of The Great Penguin Rescue. And, because her mission is to raise awareness and funding to protect penguins, Dyan will donate 20% of the proceeds from her visit to your classroom to penguin rescue efforts.



    If you are looking for an exciting enrichment program for your grade school, college, library, science center or assisted living facility...look no further! Dyan deNapoli (AKA The Penguin Lady) provides engaging educational programs about penguins that are sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages. Following an exciting nine-year career working with penguins at Boston's New England Aquarium and in the wild, Dyan has taken her enthusiasm for these unique seabirds on the road. To date, she has taught more than 250,000 people worldwide about penguins, and her 2011 TED talk has been viewed more than 340,000 times online.


    Utilizing props and stunning photographs of penguins, Dyan educates children and adults about these fascinating birds and her experiences working with them in presentations that are lively, interactive and thought provoking. Programs meet science curriculum frameworks and feature penguin biology, penguin behavior and the various conservation challenges faced by penguins today. Although a live penguin does not accompany Dyan, you'll feel as if one is there in the room with you. Dyan donates a portion of the proceeds from every program to penguin rescue groups.


    Dyan is the author of the award-winning book, The Great Penguin Rescue, which chronicles her experiences working as a rehabiliation supervisor during the rescue of 40,000 penguins from an oil spill in South Africa. Published by Simon & Schuster in 2010, The Great Penguin Rescue was named a "Must-Read" book in the 2011 Massachusetts Book Awards, was selected as "One of the best sci-tech books of 2010" by Library Journal, and was a Silver Award Winner in the 2011 Nautilus Book Awards (which recognizes books that are "changing the world one book at a time"). The New York Post put it on their "Required Reading" list, calling it "an eco-thriller with a happy ending".


    Dyan has been the featured guest on numerous television and radio shows in the US and abroad, including CNN's Situation Room, BBC Radio, CBC Radio Canada, and Sierra Club Radio. She has been the expert reviewer for three books about penguins, and authored the penguin article for Scholastic Publishing's New Book of Knowlege encyclopedia (NBK). She has been a presenter at national and international conferences, and gave a talk about the South African penguin rescue at the 2011 TEDxBoston conference. A video of her 12-minute talk was featured for six weeks on the home page of, where it has been translated into dozens of languages and has been viewed more than 340,000 times. (Link to video on TED:


    Dyan sits on the Veterniary Technology Program Board at Mount Ida College, and was the recipient of a Distinguished Alumni Award from Mount Ida College in 2002 for Outstanding Contributions in the Sciences. She is a current member of the National Marine Educators Association, the Massachusetts Marine Educators Association, the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, Author's Guild, Grub Street writing center and Mensa International. She is an active member of North Shore Women in Business, North Shore Business Forum, and is past President of the Homebased Businesswomen's Network.

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