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Phone: 602 867-1238
For grades: K-12
Fees for live visit: $600 - $1000
Funding: Private donors and local businesses


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I received numerous comments from students and staff that this was the best assembly they ever had.
--- Gerry Corcoran, Assistant Principal, Fountain Hills High School

City Conquest is a non-profit organization that creates high impact assemblies that motivate students of all ages to believe in themselves and make right choices necessary for a successful future. Using the expertise of the nation's top communicators and adding strong, influential media tools to their presentation, City Conquest's mission is to turn today's youth into tomorrow's leaders. Each assembly contains: thought provoking drama, dance routines, contemporary music and a strategic message targeting issues that face youth today. These tools keep the message relevant and inspiring to this generation.

One of the most important aspects of our school assembly is that it is a live presentation that can be customized to address any issue depending on the needs of each individual school. Many issues that Junior High and High schools face today are substance abuse, teen pregnancy, suicide, violence, and drop out rates. Elementary Schools primary concerns may include building self-esteem, making positive choices, and respecting others. Whether your school is a High School, Junior High or Elementary, each tailored assembly will captivate your student's attention and inspire them to avoid self-defeating behaviors.

A fifteen-member team comprised of diverse races, backgrounds, and experiences present each assembly. Because most of America's schools are ethnically diverse, City Conquest's staff can strategically impact any audience. Staff members range between eighteen and thirty years of age and adhere to a strict oath of a substance free lifestyle, facilitating a positive and critical message to students through voices from their own generation.
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