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Phone: 1-800-540-DMMY(3669)
For grades: K-12
Fees for live visit: Call for current reasonable prices. DISCOUNTS for multiple-school bookings.
Funding: Some schools have independently gotten special funding for Joe Gandelman's anti-smoking and anti-drug programs.


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You captivated the audience! Audience participation made it even more enjoyable. We were looking for messages and you delivered them seamlessly!
--- Desert Knolls Elementary, Apple Valley, CA

ALL SHOWS programs are fast-moving, featuring multiple segments. Joe's characters include John Raven (a "dummy" who can stick out his tongue and wiggle his ears), a water-squirting elephant, a genie head in the box, several dogs, a smoke-emitting dragon, a talking drawing board, a baby, some others -- plus his famous lip synch where wig-wearing students mouth a rock oldie while Joe does "their" voices.

Secrets of Ventriloquism: Students see a highly educational and entertaining fast-paced show mixing comedy, music, interaction and info about ventriloquism and puppetry "secrets."

Anti-drug show: Contains all the entertainment and and some of the information of Secrets except crucial statistical and anecdotal anti-drug information is also presented throughout. Also includes anti-tobacco, anti-alcohol, anti-gang points.

Anti-tobacco show: Crammed with memorable anecdotal and statistical anti-tobacco information -- plus the fun elements so they get the message and are entertained.

Character & Respect: If you have specific character pillars you want covered, just ask.

Respect=No Teasing/No Bullying. Fun show with a serious, consistently hard-hitting message.

Cultural diversity: Joe draws on his experience working and living as a reporter in Asia and Europe to stress the importance, beauty, and cultural enrichment aspects of diversity.

Water Conservation and Protection.

Endangered Species

NO CHARGE for customized themes. Family nights can be done with or without messages and have no hidden costs.
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Comic ventriloquist Joe Gandelman performs at schools, fairs, festivals and corporate events all over the country. He started doing ventriloquism fulltime in 1990, after a career as a reporter in Spain, India, Bangladesh and on newspapers in Wichita, Kansas and San Diego, CA.

During the 2012-2013 school year Joe Gandelman appeared at 260 schools of all levels nationwide, often doing more than one program at a school.

In 1990 he left journalism due to the encouragement of legendary ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson. Gandelman has since opened for national musical groups, performed at Camp Pendleton before a speech by former Pres. Ronald Reagan and was seen on ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. He has performed at schools throughout the West, comedy clubs, the San Diego Zoo, fairs and festivals across the country and many corporate events.

He and his wooden friends have also appeared in family variety shows at California big stage venues such as San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts, San Jose's Civic Auditorium, Oakland's Paramount Theater, and the Anaheim Convention Center.Joe and his main dummy John Raven have also appeared on TV shows such as NBC's SPY TV. He also does some freelance writing and has a popular Internet weblog.

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