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Phone: (805) 493-1288
For grades: preK-6
Requirements for live visit: A screen or blank wall for power point presentation; A microphone for singing songs and story telling; A cd player when air travel is involved ; A power strip and outlets.
Fees for live visit: School assemblies are reduced from convention pricing to $1000.00 per day ...includes 2 assemblies and class room questions and answers with the author plus an evening family event for parents and children. When two schools share a day, it is possible to



The 'Zabbit' is a self esteem masterpiece for children and adults. More than any book in recent memory, it leaves a positive impact with its lyrical wisdom.

A Zabbit assembly incorporates character education, self esteem, diversity, and literacy values. During the 45 minute asssmbly, children are encouraged to discover the magic within. They are inspired with nuggets of wisdom called "Zabbitisms" and motivational messages that are conveyed through stories, songs and interactive collaboration with the audience. My story of "The Slice of Swiss Cheese from Switzerland" is shared with prek/k through second grade. I engage grades three through six with my "Great Moments in Sports from the Point of View of the Ball." Included in the 2 assemblies and the free evening family event for the parents and children is an 8 minute power point performance of the story of "The Zabbit.

Zabbitisms ( sample nuggets of wisdom)

"All of your dreams can someday come true.
Just believe in the magic that's inside of you."

"Read every day and you will be wise.
Knowledge is power when problems arise."

Wishes and Dreams (excerpts)

"Take your wishes and dreams into tomorrow.
Have a purpose in life that you want to follow.
Believe that you can, achieve the goals that you plan.
It's up to you to make your dreams come true
So look inside and find your special you."

Sing Your Own Song (Excerpt)

"You're the director of your life and all that you do.
Your thoughts and your feelings are the voice inside of you.
Find the answers to your questions, be courageous and strong.
Don't just follow the crowd becaude you want to belong.
Make a difference in this world, Sing your own song."

Also available...

Jim Walkow is the author/composer of a children's book titled "The Zabbit" and a cd of songs that incorporate character education, self esteem, diversity and literacy values. "The Zabbit" is being developed as a TV series for PBS television and will be launched as a stage musical at Six Flags in 2005. Jim is the creator and executive producer of "Great Moments in Sports from the Point of View of the Ball," which aired on ABC'S Monday Night Football and Super Bowl XXV111 and is the recipient of over 25 national awards for the "American Health Journal" television show. He has performed for schools and conventions throughout the country including:

  • The California State PTA Convention
  • The Texas State PTA Convention
  • The North Carolina State PTA Convention
  • The National Association for The Education of Homeless Children and Youth
  • The International Montessori Peace Academy
  • The Texas Head Start State Convention
  • The California Association for The Gifted
  • The Learning Disability Association of California
  • The Orange County Department of Education Young Authors Fair
  • The Huntingbeach School District Parent Empowerment Academy
  • The 7th Annual Childrens Festival in the Woodlands, Texas
  • The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
  • San Diego Ca. Literacy Reads
  • Building A Nation Of Readers, Artists, and Dreamers - Baylor Univ.
A complete list is available upon request.
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