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Phone: 410 275 2133
For grades: pre K through 6th
Requirements for live visit: Mileage cost and accomodation depending on location.
Fees for live visit: $450 per 45 minute show, $700 for two same day shows in same location.


Celtic Folk Singer and Guitarist »

The students enjoy more than just an excellent concert, they also benefit from a social studies lesson on celtic culture.
--- Mr. Scmook, Principal of Chesapeake City Elementary School, MD

A Celtic Journey will take children to Scotland and Ireland. They will learn through song and dance and humor about the customs and culture of those who live there and how their own ancestors began a journey to America.

Christina explains her songs simply and demands that her audience sing and clap along and in some instances dance.

It is important to her that the audience learn some Celtic culture but she ensures that it is maintained at an entertainment level, which invokes fun and some fantasy in addition to informing today's current advantageous children of the hardships and simplicity of working folks' lives in earlier times.

The program is simple and unaffected but versatile and engrossing. Christina may show up in either a plaid kilt of her clan with appropriate, but engaging accessories or in an equally colorful garment reflecting a theme or season, but mostly reflects herself and her world-class voice. Her clear and distinct Scottish accent adds an authentic charm.

Samples of the program can be heard in the library of songs on her web site; mostly taken from Christina's Wee Folk Songs recording and includes:Skyscraper Wean written by Adam Manaughton. A foot stomping hand clapping - song about children in Glasgow, Scotland moving to skyscrapers and what happens when their mothers customary throw "Jeely Pieces" (Jam sandwiches) "oot the window".

Nessie a self-composed tale of the life of the Loch Ness Monster singing and hand actions involved.

Marie's Wedding - traditional this involves gentle line dancing in pairs to a Scottish wedding song. Even Two-Left Footers can handle this.

The Unicorn - written by Phil Silverman and still the number one hit everywhere. A team of young volunteers is necessary to join Christina at the front of the stage. They get to show the rest of the audience how to do the actions while singing at the same time.
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Professional Celtic and Folk singer, guitarist and songwriter, Christina Harrison, originally from Scotland, now based in the USA, began her singing career at a very early age when she was selected for soprano solos in school and church choirs in the U.K. This resulted in her traveling throughout the U.K. as the main soprano soloist for the Centralaires (who appeared on BBC Television) and singing as a soloist across Europe.

Her classical voice tutor was Bill Ibbotson; pianist for the great conductor Sir Malcolm Sargent and opera star Isabel Bailey After receiving her teaching degree in Education and Modern Languages she taught languages, voice and guitar for almost a decade in London. During this time she maintained a singing career and made an appearance at the Royal Albert Hall and Westminster Central Hall, London U.K.

Christina has been performing professionally at major festivals and in schools and theatres, nationally and internationally, since her arrival in the USA eighteen years ago.

She has recorded 5 CDs, which receive regular airplay on NPR and university stations and feature some of Scotland and Nashville's best renowned musicians; most popular is her Wee Folk Songs for kids all ages.

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