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Phone: 208-637-8913
For grades: k thru 6
Requirements for live visit: See contract for special requirements.
Fees for live visit: Call for bid on show.


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Peace begins at home, then friends, then the community, city, state, country, and then the world.
--- Cecelia Rupp

Conflict Management Magic and Drug Prevention Shows can only be described as educational as well as entertaining, delightfully fun, and kid oriented. Carl, the soft muppet puppet and his friend Susie begin the program with an argument. Cecelia is the mediator and works with them using Conflict Management Tools.

After going through the rules ,Win/Win Guidelines, the two muppets (using ventriloquism) come to an understanding and all is well again. The children are then led into a puppet show put on by the schools own children. Cecelia is the nariator as the children act out her instructions. This is a funny skit and the kids get very involved.

A commercial break (Drug Abuse) A magic skit on drugs, then its off to a gameshow. Children are picked from the audience. They answer questions taken from the scripts as well as assumed and unassumed information already exposed by the media. These questions are both conflict management questions as well as drug prevention questions.

To book a show call 208-637-8913, or see the website at
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Cecelia Rupp has been doing magic for the past 25 years. She has been the past Vice President for the Interntional Brotherhood of Magicians as well as serving another term presently. In 1995 she began learning the art of ventriloquism and received her certificate.

In her efforts to entertain children, she decided to specialize in Conflict Management and Drug Prevention for school programs. Cecelia quickly learned that the parents were being left out of the program leaving the community only half educated. After many successful shows, she began to incorporate a PTA meeting especially for the parents. This has proven to be beneficial to both the children and the schools.

Cecelia also does clowning, writes children's activity books, and calls herself a peacemaker.

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