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Phone: 860-236-4193
For grades: K-8
Fees for live visit: 1200-2000.
Funding: Arts-In-Education Program``BOCES.


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The most rewarding kids' show in town.
--- The New York Times

2004-05 Touring Season

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Poetry In Motion!


Fingers Around the World!

The Little Theatre of the Deaf, the children's theatre wing of the National Theatre of the Deaf, is announcing their 2004-05 touring season. Two programs are being offered; Fingers Around the World and Poetry in Motion. Either program, or both programs can be booked in a single day.

Fingers Around the World offers a montage of myths, legends, and folktales from all over the world. Whether the origin is Greek, Chinese, Norse, African or Native American, each tale becomes more vivid when told in American Sign Language. Stories by Deaf writers from around the world will also be featured.

Put yourself in the hands of The Little Theatre of the Deaf and take a whole new look a poetry in their show, Poetry in Motion The Little Theatre of the Deaf will make pictures in your mind as poetry is sculpted out of the air. See, Hear, and Imagine, as poetry is unfolded before your eyes. The Little Theatre of the Deaf, combining the spoken word with the visually dramatic American Sign Language adds a depth to poetry that will long be remembered.

The Little Theatre of the Deaf (LTD) is excited to announce that our in-school performances can include one of your student's poems performed as part of the performance. Sponsoring schools have the option of selecting one poem, approximately 8 lines in length, from their student body and submitting it to us for inclusion in our performance at your school. As well as your student's poem, LTD will also perform a wide variety of poems. Poetry is a part of everyday life, we sing poems, learn them from Mother Goose, and even jump rope to them. You know that poems have rhymes by using words that sound alike. Along with the poems that have "ear" rhymes, we'll also perform poems that have "eye" rhymes!

The Tony-Award winning company will begin each 50-60 minute program with a sign language warm-up. For those who know sign language, it entertains; for those who don't know sign language, it educates as well as entertains by providing an opportunity to learn some signs and have a greater understanding and appreciation of the program that follows.

Distinguished by a unique theatrical style, our LTD performance unfolds in two languages. By combining American Sign Language with the spoken word, the Company has created a new dramatic form, which speaks with voices of beauty and power: one for the eye and one for the ear, you See and Hear every word.

Both programs conclude with the ever popular and energetic, Your Game. Your Game has been requested and anticipated for every season we've performed (over 35 years). The Little Theatre of the Deaf is acclaimed for this interactive improvisatory piece. The audience is asked for a suggestion of a machine, or an animal, or anything at all. Then, the fun begins.

The Little Theatre of the Deaf program is not just a performance, but also an experience. Included in our educational/outreach partnership with the schools is our Study Together Guide. Our Study Together Guide provides teachers with material about the performance, exercises and activities to do in the classroom pre and post performance, and even includes a sign language lesson.

See for yourself what over 80,000 school children in 18 states last season are talking about. See the longest touring theatre company in the United States perform for you.
(860) 236-4193

The Little Theatre of the Deaf
Children's Theatre WingOfThe National Theatre of the Deaf

Tour Director
The National Theatre of the Deaf
139 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT 06107
Telephone (860)-236-4197 Ext 3025
Fax (860) 236-4163
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In celebration of 37 Years of performing in every state in the United States and many countries around the World, the Little Theatre of the Deaf is presenting Poetry In Motion and Fingers Around the World for the 2004-2005 season. The LTD, the Children's Theatre Wing of the National Theatre of the Deaf is the longest continually touring theatre company in the United States of America. Our longevity attributed to continuous high-quality entertainment works hand in hand with education and curriculum. The LTD is a BOCES Arts-In-Education program.

The LTD combines Sign Language and Spoken Words to create a unique visual language which one critic describes as "poetry for the eye and ear." The actors can make a lion roar, a tree bend and the sun rise, all in the palms of their hands. The magic of the LTD is in its remarkable ability to inform and entertain at the same time. The LTD performs original works, classic stories, fables and poems. The Little Theatre of the Deaf sculpts words and meanings in the air through Sign Language and blends them with spoken word. You See and Hear every word.The Little Theatre of the Deaf not just as a performance, but also as an outreach and educational partner with the sponsoring schools. A Study Guide is sent approximately six weeks prior to the presentation, providing the teachers with material about the performance, exercises and activities to do in the classroom pre and post performance.

Each 50-minute LTD performance begins with an entertaining introduction to American Sign Language, followed by stories, fables, poems; ending with the popular interactive improvisational section - YOUR GAME. The result is a mesmerizing introduction to the literature of live theatre with a message that is seen, heard, and, most importantly, remembered. An LTD presentation is a living, breathing lesson in teamwork, tolerance and self-reliance. LTD's message of hope, inspiration, and the importance of each individual are particularly effective at reaching out to children of all ages and backgrounds. As a result, the National Theatre of the Deaf is experiencing consistent and growing nationwide demand for LTD performances. During the 2002-03 season the LTD toured 16 states and performed for over 85,000 school children.

For availability in your area and booking info, contact: Betty Beekman

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