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Phone: 802-229-9926
For grades: 3-12
Fees for live visit: $750 per day of activities.


MediterrAsian jazz »

35th Parallel captivated the students and faculty for the entire assembly. Quality music with a unique cultural experience!
--- Marti Adams, Students Affairs Coordinator - Proctor Academy, NH

PERFORMANCES: A 35th Parallel concert provides students with a focused listening experience, presenting a program that includes the full range of the group's musical expression. The musicians provide context for the performance by incorporating some discussion and student participation. A presentation during the school day can be anywhere from 30-90 minutes, with longer programs allowing more time for discussion and questions.

LECTURE/DEMONSTRATIONS: A lecture/demonstration provides more opportunity for learning through discussion and student participation. Using musical performance to illustrate key ideas, the performers share more about their instruments, musical styles, and the process of making music. Topics can include: improvisation and composition, differences and similarities between Western and Eastern music, approaches to North Indian rhythm and Middle Eastern melody, etc. The presentation ends with a question and answer period.

CLASSROOM VISITS: Students typically want to learn more after hearing a 35th Parallel performance. This smaller group setting (up to 30 attendees) allows for the most interaction and student participation. Students are able to view the instruments up close and engage in a more informal dialogue with the performers. The musicians respond to students' questions with stories and information about the instruments and musical styles, as well as their own experiences learning, composing, and performing their music.
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With a style of music they call "MediterrAsian jazz", 35th Parallel blends global musical forms with flavors of ambient soundscapes and modern electronics.

35th Parallel brings to your school a unique blend of music from around the world. Listeners of all ages are fascinated by the group's unusual sound, blending a host of globally diverse instruments with the subtle use of modern electronics.

Focusing particularly on the music of the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent, 35th Parallel performs new renditions of traditional pieces as well as their own original compositions. The musicians discuss with students their different instruments and varied cultural influences, sharing thoughts on their creative process and improvisational approach.

35th Parallel's visit will enhance your school's multicultural curriculum and can provide a springboard for further discussions in both social studies and the arts.

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