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Phone: 416-516-1616
For grades: K-8
Fees for live visit: beginning at $700 /performance


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Fizzical Fizzicks' blends theatre, clowning, and circus skills into an action packed show that entertains both visually and narratively. While there is a valuable educational component to the show, the structure and rollicking pacing ensure that the show's primary purpose is to provide a fantastic show.
--- Neil Rempel, Producer, Winnipeg International Children's Festival

In 2002, The Ontario Science Centre invited Greg Tarlin and Kristi Heath to create a show to work in conjunction with their circus exhibit. The result was Fizzical Fizzicks. This show combines traditional circus equipment, popular toys and some giant props to help display and explain the properties of the three types of motion: linear motion, rotation and vibration.

Audiences delight in the performance of traditional circus props (juggling, stilt-walking, rola bola and unicycling) along with the skills displayed with common toys (yo-yo, hula hoop, pogo stick, ball). There are some BIG surprises along the way when super sized props are put in motion (a child's swimming pool spinning on Greg's fingertip and a gigantic inflatable ball).

Three teams from the audience take part in hilarious short challenges involving linear motion, rotation and vibration. It's all part of the fun as these people perform simple motions such as spinning on the spot, throwing a ball and bouncing. All the challenges emphasize teamwork and fun and once again help to demonstrate the properties of linear motion, rotation and vibration.

As the finale of the show, Greg and Kristi perform their "Big Circus Trick" atop stilts and tall unicycle. They pass juggling clubs back and forth, spin plates on their heads and knock an ice cream cone out of the mouth of a volunteer. The routine is a culmination of the three types of motion and reinforces the science while amazing with the circus.
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Kristi and Greg are veteran performers of the circus arts. Greg Tarlin's remarkable skills earned him the title of Canadian juggling champion at the age of 20 and since then he has performed in Japan, Korea, at the North Pole for Canada's military, coast to coast in Canada, the USA and aboard cruise ships. His vast repertoire of skills includes 7 ball and 5 club juggling, ball spinning, unicycling, stilt walking, rola bola and yo-yo to name but a few!

Kristi Heath has been a professional performer since the age of eighteen, beginning her career with the Second City comedy revue company. After graduating with a theatre degree from the University of Alberta, Kristi studied street performance with the Odin Theatre of Denmark. She was soon combining her background in comedy and visual theatre with the skills of stilt dancing, juggling and unicycling under the name of Madame Buskerfly. She has performed her own unique style of physical comedy on five continents and continues to develop her repertoire of skills.

Fizzical Fizzicks is one of the many shows on which Greg and Kristi have collaborated. The show was created to work in conjunction with the Ontario Science Centre's Circus exhibit and is a wonderful marriage of science and the circus arts.Fizzical Fizzicks has been performed for the Winnipeg International Children's Festival, The Springfield Arts Council (Ohio) and the Celebrate Toronto festival, as well as national tours.

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