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Phone: 719-637-9965
For grades: preK-6
Fees for live visit: Call for prices


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The Children gasped. It was magic! But it was also educational! Inspector Magic turns education into entertainment.
--- Rob Blezzard, Cape Cod Times

Run-Away Imagination Show Positive attitudes make happy children who excel in school and achieve higher test scores. Inspector Magic's entertaining educational school show promotes self-esteem, positive attitudes and goal setting so your children can succeed. Children learn that, with a little work, they can make their dreams come true. The program motivates students to believe in themselves and have the confidence to succeed at any endeavor they choose. Pictures come to life, a signed card materializes inside a balloon, a student becomes a super-hero, and all the students realize they are super-heroes when they make a rabbit appear!

It's Magic, Naturally! Inspector Magic earned a grant from the Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program to help develop this show that instructs and educates the children, through magic, to make proper choices with regard to protecting our natural resources and pollution control and reduction.

Oh, the Magical Places to Go! A magic show tribute to Dr. Seuss. This fun program of literacy and geography, is based on many popular children's books by Dr. Seuss. The children will go on a journey around the world in search of the vacationing bunny. The children will learn about each continent in a fun way. They will see, through storytelling and magic, our diverse planet and the diverse people on it with a focus on respect and tolerance of others.

Books Give you Wings A literacy program of magic based upon popular children's books. The goal is to aid you in your efforts to motivate your children by promoting the fun of recreational reading and the use of the library. A list of ten popular books will be provided prior to the show. To motivate the children to do their homework before the show, if they can answer questions about the books, they will have a chance to help with the magic and be a volunteer! Books Give You Wings will be discussed in the show: how books give us freedom and can take us off to far-away and imaginary locations.

MAGIC: Impossible This fun magical program will transform children of all ages into the secret world of the Secret Agent. Inspector Magic, the silly magician, will provide magical comedy that might be seen on Get Smart, the Pink Panther, and Inspector Gadget. Everyone in the audience will be involved as Sleuths and Spys to help solve the mystery. Warning: this audience will self-destruct in fits of laughter after the first 15 seconds!
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Colorado Springs based magician, Inspector Magic (Mark Weidhaas), has been performing his gentle yet fast-paced comical magical entertainment for over 15 years at area schools and libraries throughout Colorado. He strives to be the best magician in Colorado while maintaining the most reasonable fees. See for yourself why the Cape Cod Mystics, a fraternal organization of magicians, awarded him "Magician of the Year" AND why he has been the Colorado National Representative for the Society of American Magicians for the past four years AND why he continues to perform several times a year for the past five years for the Pikes Peak Library District and the Broadmoor Hotel. He is also the President of the Pikes Peak Prestidigitators, an Assembly of the Society of American Magicians - the oldest and most prestigious magical society in the world.

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