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Phone: 517 468 3613
For grades: 3-8


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A fascinating show based on the making of a children's movie. The film is based on a book and the program shows how a book becomes a movie.

The hero in the book and film is a boy with Cerebral Palsy. Real movie equipment that can be touched! will delight the children while they learn about the importance of story telling and about what it means to be a child with a disability.
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Award winning movie producer Josephine van Hof has producers credits for several full length documentary film and feature film projects. She is also the mother of three boys. Her youngest child was born with cerebral palsy. This changed her perspective on life and together with her husband Jim she decided to produce a movie with a boy with cerebral palsy in the leading role. The movie is in production right now and will be available later in 2004.

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