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Phone: 207-247-2361
For grades: pre-K to 6
Fees for live visit: $475, additional shows only $325. Blockbooking required beyond 100 miles; travel may be extra.


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The children were delighted with your magic and illusions. You spoke to our students in such a caring and respectful tone. This show was the best ever! We all had such fun!
--- Windham Primary School, Windham, ME

Almodarr's Grand Illusion offers these fantastic programs for 2003-2004:

THE GRAND ILLUSION--Mystifying magic and illusion, amazing feats of juggling, lots of humor and audience involvement, beautiful live doves, and a magical bunny. Classics of magic and illusion intermingled with exciting and novel effects, guaranteed to have everyone asking, "How'd they do that?" (Kids come up with some very creative theories!) Can be adapted to different age levels.

A JOURNEY THROUGH THE WIZARD'S WORLD--Beautiful painted scenery, costumed performers, stunning illusions, and a clever range of interesting science experiments performed right before the audience's eyes. Loosely building upon the theme of "Magic is merely science that not everybody knows yet", Almodarr and Angelique illustrate the magic within ordinary science (chemical reactions, polymers, magnetics, and other fun stuff). Hugely entertaining, highly visual, and intriguing.

A VOYAGE WITH CAPT. CUTLASS--Ahoy, Mateys! All aboard for a rollicking seafaring adventure with Captain Cutlass and Angie, Queen of the Pirates! Broadly humorous and bold characterizations, painted scenery, pirate-themed magic and illusion, juggling, sea lore and music make this a voyage not to be missed. Emphasizing both teamwork and individualism, this themed program touches on many areas of character development.

Programs run 45-50 minutes, and take 1 1/2 hours to set up and 1 hour to take down. All can be slightly tailored for primary or intermediate grades.
Also available...

Not just a pick-a-card-any-card magician who'll arrive with nothing but a small case of "tricks", Almodarr is truly one of New England's premiere dove magicians, with more than 30 years of experience before every type of audience. More than just a magician, however, Almodarr is an adept storyteller, comedian, juggler, balloon sculpting artist, and illusionist. His partner Angelique spent 14 years operating the nationally-touring Krackerjack Theatre Co., in that time performing nearly 3,500 shows in elementary schools.

Almodarr's Grand Illusion features the creative magic of Almodarr and Angelique Steelgrave. As New England's ONLY traveling "theatre of illusion", it's an incomparable extravaganza of magic, illusion, juggling, comedy, beautiful doves and rabbits, and audience participation galore. Several fully-staged programs are offered, integrating in a magical and entertaining way such themes as science, recycling, nautical lore, problem-solving, self-esteem and character building.

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