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Email: Kyle@DrawAlong.TV
Phone: 888-299-2606
For grades: K-5/6
Requirements for live visit: I have a super simple set up!
Fees for live visit: See Website


Kyle Tiernan, Renegade Art Teacher & Visual Arts Consultant To K-6 Elementary Schools »

This was well spent PTA money. Definitely the best assembly we've ever had. Teachers were amazed at your ability to keep the kids focused and drawing. It made them believe in themselves and their hidden talents. Excellent.
--- Nancy Ramos - Rio Plaza Elementary - Oxnard, CA

PTAs, Principals, and school assembly representatives in the state of California should visit my website for a complete overview of my draw-along school assemblies, Family Fun Art & Drawing Nights, and other ways I can help their schools.

My web address is:

There you'll find information on how the assembly actually works, what the kids learn, what teachers think of it in my MASSIVE testimonial file, why it's a better choice than other assemblies, along with pricing and availability information.

Please note this assemblies is specifically designed for elementary aged students (Kindergarten through sixth grade) and I do not work with middle or high school students.

It is available for elementary schools throughout the state of California.

Speak soon,
-Kyle Tiernan   (888) 299-2606

With money being tight these days, it is important that the little money our school does have to spend on ‘extras’ garners the most bang for the buck.

Our art teacher was let go last year due to budget cuts, so drawing is not something most students are exposed to. Sure, we cut, glue, color, but we don’t really teach how to draw... you came in and gave our students quality instruction they can use forever!

Laurie Ford - Ron Nunn Elementary - Antioch Unified

I REALLY wish I could take credit for booking this assembly... our PTA booked you and thank goodness they did!!!

My kids have never been so quiet and on task! You gave ALL of them the confidence to be able to draw and they were so proud of their pieces. It was so entertaining and easy to follow along that all kids were capable and even the teachers participated!”

Emily Klauk -Nuffer Elementary - Nowalk La Mirada Unified

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Hello my name is Kyle Tiernan and I am a Renegade Art Teacher and Visual Arts Education Consultant based out of San Diego, California.  Since 2003, concerned Principals, PTAs, and teachers have been coming to me for advice, ideas, and opportunities to help their kids in the area of artistic development... and... to bring The Arts back into their students lives.

The cornerstone of what I offer is my fully interactive, one-of-a-kind, educational 'draw along school assembly' that has been proven a winner time and time again at nearly 2,000 elementary schools nationwide. (Though, since 2009 I've been working exclusively with schools in California.)

Put another way, over the past 11 years I've worked with 825,000+ elementary aged students (K - 6th grade) sharpen their artisitc self confidence and send their self esteem soaring by giving them art experiences they may not otherwise have had access to.

It's been fun and I hope to work with your school in the future.

-Kyle Tiernan

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