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Phone: 415-244-2700
For grades: 1-12
Requirements for live visit: Electrical Outlet.
Fees for live visit: $200-$1500.


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Chan is an intense three-ring-circus rolled into one man ... able to transport an audience to a state-of-mind they need so badly - the suspension of disbelief. Chan seamlessly merges sleight-of-mind/hand with extraordinary physical capabilities, connecting his audiences hearts and minds with original displays of magic, illusion, acrobatics and skills which combined - provide an immediate fix, virtually every audience is craving ... compelling, engaging and interactive theater - real MAGIC close-up or on the largest stage. Chan is San Francisco's combination of David Copperfield, Circa Du Soleil and Olympic athlete rolled in to one. Chan's innate ability to enter the emotional tapestry of every spectator is uncanny and many say unparalleled.
--- Jonathan Chao, One Entertainment Productions

Dan Chan the Magic Man presents a high-energy variety show. It's the only one-man show that has it all! And there is no other show like it, weaving magic, comedy, pick-pocketing, juggling, escapes and acrobatics to create the ultimate variety show. (Depending on the venue of the show, some shows may include fire juggling and fire breathing as well) His show includes appearance of live doves in a "Las Vegas" style dove act, magic to poetry, and a fast paced juggling routine ending with amazing handstand push-ups!

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Daniel Chan is recognized as one of America's premier entertainers. With performances in Las Vegas, Japan, Hawaii, and shows in many other countries, Daniel is a favorite of audiences worldwide. A truly all around performer, his artistry is multifaceted.

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