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Phone: 417-782-6983
For grades: preschool through 12
Fees for live visit: fees vary depending on length of program, number of programs at one school, and travel expenses. Please contact Judith for a quote.


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The stories are as interesting and entertaining today as they were centuries ago. Judith translates them into an imaginative and participatory experience for children of all ages. I appreciated that Judith altered some of the stories to a kinder and gentler perspective without losing their moral value.
--- Kathie Carpenter-Brooks, Children's Montessori Center, Liberty MO

Tales from Mother Goose Land preK-5, ESL classes. Mother Goose tells original stories based on traditional rhymes. Rhymes and songs are woven into longer stories that use characters from the rhymes. Audiences of all ages enjoy hearing the stories. Nursery rhymes are important tools for language acquisition, both for young children, and for students of English as a second language. For non-English speaking audiences, mime and repetition help make the stories clear. Printed study materials are also available.

Let Us Form a Ring preK-1 Circles are a combination of verse and songs, about 10-15 minutes long, in which young children participate with delight. Circles are created on a theme, usually seasonal, but can also be used to teach language or celebrate everyday play. Circles help the child's physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Judith can do the circles with a class, and teach teachers to create their own circles.

Kathleen Snyder, Early Woman Doctor: a historical presentation based on the life of Judith's great-grandmother, who practiced homeopathic medicine around the turn of the century. Dr. Snyder is a vivacious, opinionated, and dedicated woman who talks about her family and her work in an entertaining and informative program. This program would be suitable for grades 6 and up.
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Judith has been performing as a folksinger, actress, and storyteller since 1968. She holds degrees in music education and theatre, with a specialty in children's theatre. She also trained as a Waldorf kindergerten teacher, and taught kindergarten for several years. She has performed with the Seem-to-be Players in Lawrence, KS, and with an improvisational children's theatre troupe, The Imagine That Players, in Lincoln, NE. She developed the Mother Goose character in 1992, and has performed as Mother Goose in Russia, as well as in the US.

Personal information: Judith is the mother of four children, ranging in age from 7 to 33. She enjoys yoga, sewing, gardening, raising chickens and geese, and playing in an African marimba ensemble.

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