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Phone: 207-635-3133
For grades: K-8
Fees for live visit: $300


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Presenting a clear message throughout your performance and using magic as a tool was especially impressive. Your professionalism and expertise is clearly demonstrated
--- Susanne Bouchard/KIDS 1340am Radio

Carroll has put together three different programs that have had great success in schools. They are as follows:

Nutrition by Magician: This is a nutrition and exercise motivational magic show on eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Drug Awareness by Conjuring Carroll: This magic program is about substance abuse, self-esteem, and peer pressure.

The Magic of Reading: This magic program is about the benefits of reading and how reading is not only enjoyable but also need thoughout your life.
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Full-time Professional Magician & Entertainer performing for the state of Maine for over 8 years. Performing several styles of magic as well as balloon tying. Carroll started performing entertainment arts when he was offered to take over a Children's Ministry at his church. He wanted to find new ways to help the children retain his messages and found magic & balloon tying to be a great way to do so. From there he joined 2 world wide organizations: The Fellowship of Christian Magicians & The Society of American Magicians. From these organizations he studied under 2 local magicians and began his trade. He has had numerous trainings from world famous magicians. He has also recieved an advanced children's ministry certification from the National Children's Leaders Association.

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