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Phone: (937) 767-8696
For grades: 5th through 12th
Fees for live visit: Cost for a Forty five minute performance is $275 for Schools.


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One hundred and forty years ago during the Civil War my great grand uncles faced each other across the field of battle. I have worked hard to represent my uncles' perspectives on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I specialize in telling the true-life adventures of my relatives who fought for what they believed.

I am Eric James Wolf and I teach history, culture and peace through storytelling. I am here to be your guide in exploring the mysteries of the North America history. I am located in Yellow Springs, Ohio and I am available for performances throughout the United States. I have been telling stories in homes, churches, nursing homes and schools for the last ten years. I have extensive experience in working with various age groups.

One hundred and forty years ago my granduncles faced each other across the field of battle. Let their struggle spill into your classroom. This forty-five minute storytelling presentation gives an overview of the major issues in the Civil War. Jacob Alkire and James Hoffman each tells his story as a personal recollection. This presentation is designed to support the learning goals as outlined in the Ohio Department of Education 8th grade through 12th grade standards for the Civil War. During the presentation the storyteller asks the audience leading questions that help the audience to connect yesterday to the current day.

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Eric James Wolf has told stories throughout New England. Venues include: The Museum of Natural History, NYC. The Blue Theater; Toronto, Canada. Albany Free School and the NYC Clearwater Festival.

Relevant work experience includes: camp storyteller Free Spirit Nature Camp nine years. Director of the Mills Lawn After School Program in Yellow Spring s Ohio. Director of the Bank Street School of Education Earth Camp in NYC.

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