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For grades: K-8


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Your creativity and ingenuity made Picasso come alive to the students. We were captivated.
--- J. Cendali, Art Teacher, Cold Spring, NY

We took 18 different Picasso artworks; those of paintings, sculptures and drawings, and then we had some of the world's top mask makers, costume designers, prop and puppet masters, make those selected artworks into costumes, and masks that I perform with. Thus, your audience will have the opportunity to see the art of Pablo Ruiz Picasso actually come to life. Picasso People begins with Carlton the Curator, who leads children through a Picasso Art Gallery, which is on display. I share with my young audience members, the difference between a portrait and a self-portrait; I explain a still life painting and cubism (Picasso's claim to fame). This presentation incorporates the performance art forms of dance, puppetry and mime. It is then combined with a narrative and various musical selections, which culminate in a marvelous full arts experience for your children. After the gallery tour, I then become the various paintings, drawings and sculptures. There is audience participation, one or two children may be asked to model for the great 20th century artist. In conclusion, we also forward a teachers guide, which includes a list of vocabulary terms, reproductions of the artworks, and the full narrative text. Finally, we share with you and your faculty, all the curriculum parallels we meet with the New York State Educational Standards. Picasso People is an encounter that you, your faculty, and most importantly, your students, will carry with them for a long time. Picasso People is a highly praised, culturally rich experience.
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Picasso PeopleŠ, under the direction of Carlton Van Pyrz, began touring schools, colleges and theaters in 1996. Prior to this production, Van Pyrz directed Mime Internationale; which brought creatively educational programming to schools and community venues for 14 years. Van Pyrz has trained extensively in the U.S. and abroad in the art forms of ballet, theater, mime and folk dance. His unique style is built on versatility and originality. He has countless hours of experience in the classroom, working with students - teaching, guiding and directing their creative sides through drama exercises and improvisational theater techniques. The company's philosophy; to educate student audiences in the world of both visual and performing arts while entertaining, enlightening and broadening their minds, thereby strengthening their young imaginations.
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