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Phone: 207-948-3282
For grades: k-12
Requirements for live visit: 16'x30' stage area, gym floor is ok. minimum 15' ceiling height
Fees for live visit: $600 to $1000


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[one of] America's finest jugglers.
--- The Circus Space Caberet. London, England

Falling Up Words is a new one man show that premiered in April 2003. The show is a blend of juggling, modern dance, and comedy all set to a unique and original soundtrack. There is an incredibly dynamic visual element that will hold younger children mesmerized, but there is an uderlying complexity that, combined with Hansen's remarkable skill, will appeal to the most sophisticated audiences.

For schools Hansen offers a 45 minute presentation that mixes juggling pieces with an important message about goal setting and self esteem. The juggling really gains kids respect and opens them to the message that they too can accomplish anything. Primary messages include:

  • setting and acheiving goals
  • belief in self worth
  • respect for others abilities
  • learning to make decisions.
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    This Summer (2003) Morten Hansen won a gold medal at the International Jugglers Association convention in Reno Nevada. This was his fourth IJA gold medal and at the same time he and fellow Juggler Ben Jennings of London set a new world record for the largest number of objects ever juggled between two people: Fifteen! Hansen's Juggling has taken him to LA, Chicago, New York City, Tucson, Orlando, London, And Edinburgh, Scotland.

    All this from someone who grew up in rural Maine. Hansen began juggling at the age of sixteen. He holds A BA in the arts with a concentration in juggling, and has studied dance, choreography, acting, directing, lighting design and audio engineering. He has been a professional performer since 1995 and currently lives in Troy, ME with his wife Michele and their 2 year old son Josiah.

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