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Phone: (215)541-1644
For grades: K-8


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That was the most amazingest thing EVER!
--- Katie, student at Pearson School

The Stringman is a versatile performer who can provide anything from stage shows and strolling performances to holding and judging contests. His shows combine everything from action and comedy to history and yo-yo science - creating an enjoyable and educational presentation for the young and old alike. He always emphasizes the importance of practice and patience, as well as having fun.

An important note: When performing at schools, Tim has a no solicitation policy - he will not bring yo-yos with him to sell unless you request it.
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Tim The Stringman Redmond is PA's premier yo-yo demonstrator. He turned pro in 1999 and has been touring various venues such as schools, libraries, community events, scout meetings, and summer camps in the Northeast since then. Tim is a charter member of the American Yo-Yo Association and is active as both a contestant and a judge in the yo-yo community.

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