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Phone: 414-232-1391
For grades: K - adult
Requirements for live visit: Mic & PA System
Fees for live visit: Start at $750, discounts for multiple bookings


Visual Artist »

A great big thank you for your wonderful show! We were really inspired by your talent.
--- Lisa Schue, Waller Elementary School

Paul Merklein draws great big famous faces. He also draws students and teachers right from the audience. Your students enjoy a fun and interactive program that entertains and inspires all ages.


"Your performance was the highlight of the week.

Our students loved it!"  - Valley New School


"You are an awesome artist!"  - West Elementary School


"The students and teachers enjoyed watching you draw."  - Lake Zurich Middle School


"Thank you for your fun and entertaining performance. 

You certainly kept the students' interest!"  - Plum Grove Junior High School


"Paul was fun, funny and thoroughly professional.

A magic marker wizard and a huge hit!"  - Wayland Academy

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Paul Merklein has performed at Schools, Libraries, Festivals, Concerts, Colleges and Special Events including:

Milwaukee Irish Fest

Milwaukee Summerfest

Milwaukee Arts Festival

Chicago Kids & Kites Fest

Chicago Bulls Basketball Games

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