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Phone: 773-662-8088
For grades: 6-12
Fees for live visit: $35


Animal Welfare; Environmentalism; Sustainibility; Human Rights »

The instructor was very enthusiastic and made great use of visuals and hands-on materials. She gave students something to think about.
--- Patricia Morris, 7th Grade Science, University Lab High School

Circle of Compassion

An opportunity for students to examine our culture's assumptions about the nature and worth of various species, explore ethical choices, and consider how personal actions and attitudes can become a daily affirmation of compassion.

Our Food, Our World

A look at an important part of everyone's daily lives--food! Make connections between today's lunch, the rainforest, and people around the world. Discover new environmental studies that reveal the impact our food choices have on our bodies, animals, and our planet.

Environmental Ethics

How do our daily choices affect our environment? In what ways can we make a positive difference in the world? Students will examine the current causes of our Earth's destruction and what we can do, as individuals and collectively.

Beyond Violence

Learn how our treatment of other people directly relates to our treatment of other animals and our planet. Explore how compassion for animals can foster empathy for all.

Are You Sold?

By examining the messages of advertisements and studying the relationship between consumerism and citizenship, students learn to look critically at ads and are empowerd to become responsible and compassionate consumers.

Democracy for Sale

Can we have democracy when large corporations control so much of today's power and wealth? A startling look at how corporations legally make environmental policies without the public's consent, as well as what is being done to reinvigorate our democracy.
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We offer a series of captivating educational presentations that focus on inspiring empathy for humans, animals, and the planet for grades six through college and adult audiences in the Chicagoland area.

Our interactive programs encourage participation and critical thinking by combining lively discussions with videos and activities. Programs are flexible in length, and offered on a sliding scale, to meet the interests of the venue.

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