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Phone: 831 684 0339
For grades: k through twelve
Requirements for live visit: sound system, cd player, lavalier pin mic
Fees for live visit: 400-500


Musical Juggler »

Now thats show biz, Folks.
--- Johnny Carson

Originator of Piano Juggling Dan Menendez is the inventor of the worlds only Bounce Cello. He performs a 35 minute comedy juggling show with a Classical music theme. Bouncing up to five balls on a floor keyboard and playing well known music is a favorite part of the show. Juggling violins and playing a Pogo Cello while riding it and bouncing wildly around the stage make for an unforgettable event.
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Appearances include; The Tonight show with Johnny Carson, Thirty Seconds to Fame, on Fox, personal television appearances in twenty one countries. Casinos, Cruise ships, county fairs, colleges and corporate shows ...Full details on website
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