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Phone: 913-660-3162
For grades: K-6
Fees for live visit: As arranged.
Fees for virtual visit: As arranged.


Juggling, Mime, Magic, & Other Nonsense »

Jay & Leslie's artistry is outstanding, and no matter how many times I see them perform, I am always brought to tears with laughter at their comic genius. Their talent for taking complex subject matters and making them fun, memorable and understandable is truly remarkable.
--- Dianne Gregg, Kansas City Young Audiences

We are a comedy variety duet specializing in juggling, mime, magic, and verbal humor. We use our skills to engage students in a variety of curriculum areas. Kids love the shows because they are funny and have cool tricks. Teachers love the shows because real learning happens. Check out the videos at our website ( and see for yourself.

We have five different 45-minute programs available:

Sum of Our Favorite Numbers -- Math

Read It Right Now -- Reading and Literacy

Juggling the Earth's Resources -- Earth Science

How Freedom Works -- American Government

Drop Of A Hat -- Just For Fun

Each program is different and written to teach core concepts in the chosen curriculum area. We love schools, we love teaching through our art, and we hope to share our fun programs with you and your students!

Also available...

Many P.E. teachers and after school group leaders are interested in having juggling classes or creating juggling clubs, but feel that they do not have enough juggling skills themselves to do it.

We teach the following juggling related skills through Skype:

  • scarves
  • bean bags
  • clubs
  • spinning plates
  • diabolos (Chinese Yo-Yos)
  • flower sticks
  • poi
  • hat tricks

Lesson are available one-on-one or with groups. Short lessons spread over time (e.g. weekly) produce the best results.

Juggling increases coordination, teaches patience, rewards effort, enhances bilateral brain develpment, and is fun! Our online instruction gives teachers the know-how and confidence to bring these benefits to their students through one of the world's oldest art forms.

Since 1980 Jay Cady and Leslie Seifert-Cady have been professional performers and teaching artists based in Kansas City.  They have performed in 35 states and 7 foreign countries.

Jay is a 1978 graduate of Princeton University with a degree in Religion.
Leslie is a 1978 graduate of Emporia State University with a degree in Theater.

Marcel Marceau, Visiting Artist at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Tony Montanaro, Celebration Barn Theater, South Paris, Maine
John Towsen, Physical Comedy Workshop, New York

Career Highlights
Over 6000 performances
Over 50 school residencies and hundreds of in-school workshops
Featured performers in a Department of Defense tour to American military bases in Iceland, England, the Netherlands, and Germany
Performed at the National Theater of Guatemala
Opening act for Judy Collins, the Magic School Bus, and Cirque de Soliel

2010 Lighton Prize from Kansas City Young Audiences for Excellence as Teaching Artists
Twice nominated for Best Original Work by the Best of Kansas City Theater Awards for shows at the Coterie Theater

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