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Phone: (630) 690-1105
For grades: K- adult
Fees for live visit: Varies depending on the type of program - $250.00 and up.


Interactive mysteries for all ages. »

This was such a great experience for our students everyone was engaged and active. Students learned valuable skills: team work, problem solving, asking higher level questions. We as teachers enjoyed it as well. The actors were supreme!
--- Joan Knopp Wredling Middle School St. Charles, IL

The Mystery Shop is a traveling theatre specializing in adult and children's interactive mysteries and programs.  We excite the mind as well as the funny bone.

Your guests will be delighted by the excitement, adventure and FUN of solving an intriguing mystery or participating in any of our interactive programs.

Hosting a Mystery Shop event is EASY - you provide the "scene of the crime" and we'll do the rest!

We provide interactive mysteries for all ages, all groups. Our children's mysteries are age-appropriate: Grades K-2 and Grades 3-6. Our adult programs are also perfect for middle school and high school students. Storytelling programs and mystery workshops complete our "mysterious" line-up.

Our programs include:

* Murder in Three Acts
* Prime Suspect mystery game
* Children's mysteries (Grades K-12)
* CSI: Kids (small groups)
* History mystery (Paul Revere’s Missing Horse…)
* Mystery workshops
* Storytelling programs
* Storytelling Enrichment Programs


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