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Phone: 9549240218
For grades: preK-6th grade & family nights, fairs, festivals, carnivals, PTA/PTO, etc.
Requirements for live visit: No travel fees on many, many dates
Fees for live visit: To add a 2nd or 3rd show on same day: please offer a little extra $ based on YOUR budget.1st show at 1 school: South FL: $375, Central & North FL: $1000, Other states: $1500.


Breakdancing Lizard Mascot Motivational Comedian »

Wow! You are awesome. Thank you for coming to Lakeview and performing. What a wonderful time we all had! The children will be telling their families and friends about you for a long time to come.
--- Colleen Mausser, FL

John's most requested assemblies are: Multicultural Dances from Around the World, Character Traits, The Rainforest Show (or Earth Environmental Show or Recycling show or Global Warming Show), Bullying: Say No to Violence, Say No to Drugs (or Tobacco), Character Traits, Reading is an Adventure, Math (or other topics) Testing Prep, Celebration Fiesta, Self-Esteem, and Physical Fitness with a rainforest theme. John can perform for small children upon request, however most of his shows are for k-6th grade, as he performs with a VERY zany style as a former pro sports mascot. Each show contains serious, well-researched teaching in addition to humor and audience participation dances from around the world. John can also perform each show with a Farm Theme, using enormous costumes featuring Holy Cow, Mr. Pig, and Bully the Longhorn Bull. Call 954 924-0218.

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"Loved it, Brilliant" Simon Cowell. "Terrific" Kelly Ripa: 4 performances on primetime national TV & twice in "People" magazine: John Mallory has performed as various mascot characters for ages 3 to 13 since 1987 and full time as Geddy the Gecko since 1995. He has entertained elementary school students in 43 states and earned a Top-Twenty national ranking among over 400 mascot actors. Geddy the gecko lizard mascot performs WITH volunteers from the audience in a high energy crowd participation event featuring 15 different themed school assemblies, and family nights, PreK up to 6th grade.

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