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Phone: 800-624-4220
For grades: K-6
Fees for live visit: $595.00-$1295.00
Funding: Call now to receive info about magic book sale and REACH! Fun-Raiser. You may get your show for free!


The #1 Reading Assembly! Magician, Literary Arts »

Unparalleled entertainment and inspiration for both students and teachers!
--- Constance Ide - PTA Rep. for Springfield Estates Ele. - Springfield, VA.

Books: The Magic is Real ! is a mesmerizing production that illustrates the power of books and ignites a passion for reading. Imagine, one of your students transformed into the famous Harry Potter, who then performs dazzling feats of magic, to the delight of your audience. Your students will witness an amazing levitation on a broomstick as well as a paper snowflake that turns into hundreds of pieces of confetti that fly into the air, an illusion inspired by the exploits of Snowflake Bentley.

Popular children's books are brought to life through the art of magic and illusion.Books: The Magic is Real ! is the perfect way to promote your book fair and reading programs. Music and powerful visuals will motivate your students to read all throughout the school year. Over 4000 schools have experienced this special program.

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The #1 Reading Magic Show in the Northeast.  No other individual performer is seen by more students than Magician Joe Romano!

Imagine breathtaking feats of magic conjured up by a universally hailed magician. Joe Romano has appeared with Celine Dion, Micheal Bolton, and Ricky Martin. Recent performances include Univeral Studios in Orlando, Fl. and aboard the Disney Magic Cruise ship. Romano's school assembly programs travel nationwide. Rarely do children enjoy such a spectacular demonstration of magic combined with educational themes. Over 3500 schools have experienced "the magic"!

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