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Phone: (978) 544-8092
For grades: k-6
Fees for live visit: $300.00


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We were all amazed by your tricks and thought the show was entertaining, amusing, and professional.
--- Marcia Bernard, Ervingside Library

The Reading is Magic program is designed for 3-6 grade students. The goal is to instill confidence in young readers by using magic as a medium in gaining comprehension and retension skills. The goal is not to teach the student how to preform a magic trick, but to give them the confidence and knowledge that they can borrow a library book and be able to continue to learn more on thieir own.

Using a children's book of magic, each student will take turns read aloud while the rest follow along silently. We then discuss the passages read making sure that every understands the procecures to building their props. Several steps are required to build the props. We continue with te reading and learn how to preform with the props. Each class is approximatley 90 minutes. I provide all of the art and craft materials.

Combining mystery and comedy, each magic show is approximatley 45 minutes long. Using volunteers for must of my illusions, I give the students a first hand opportunity to participate in the world of magic. This is a great way to reward you students at the end of a read-at-thon or other activity they have work hard at.
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Ed Cope has been performing magic for friends and family for decades. Several years ago he became Ed the Wizard and began entertaining for schools and libraries. Being completely self taught, through reading, he developed his Reading is Magic program. Now he can be found at schools and libraries as well as birthday parties entertaining and teaching his craft.

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